Samuel L Jackson reveals the answering phone message every fan wants him to leave

Samuel L Jackson at the 75th Annual Tony Awards on June 12, 2022.
Samuel L Jackson at the 75th Annual Tony Awards on June 12, 2022. (Image credit: Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Samuel L. Jackson has revealed the hilarious answering machine message that so many fans want him to record. 

In a recent Actor Roundtable interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Pulp Fiction star revealed that many of his fans want nothing more than for him to swear at them! 

The interview started out with Oscar Isaac, Michael Keaton, Brian Cox, Tom Hiddleston, and Quincy Isaiah discussing what fans have said when they've recognized them and approached them in the street. Jackson explained that his fans are constantly asking him to swear at them. 

He said: "People ask me to call them motherfucker all the time. Or they’ll ask me to put it on their answering machine. They’ll literally say, “Would you do my answering machine? ‘This motherfucker's not home right now. And the motherfucker will call you back.’”

Brian Cox then joked that he should charge for the privilege, but Jackson replied "I don't want to gouge the public. I charge them enough to come to my movies."

Anyone who's followed Jackson's career will know why the fans are so obsessed with getting him to swear, as he's dropped countless f-bombs over the years in the likes of True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Snakes on a Plane, Django Unchained, Kingsman and plenty more besides.

Jackson's answer came after Succession star Brian Cox revealed that fans want him to embody Logan Roy and to tell them to "fuck off all the time", even in places where it might not be the easiest or the most appropriate thing to say at the time! 

Oscar Isaac shared a story from his journey to the interview where someone had left him a letter. "On the plane here, I felt a little letter fall on my seat and then someone walked away", he said. "I looked at it and it was in this blue highlighter with the little moon on it for the Moon Knight show that I’d just done. It was like, 'My mother would’ve disowned me if I didn’t say something, as a person of color, about how much it means to me that you’re out there doing these things.' It was really sweet."

Samuel L Jackson is due to reprise his role as Nick in Marvel's Secret Invasion which will air on Disney Plus later in 2022. 

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