Seconds (1966) | Blu-ray release - Rock Hudson gives a powerhouse performance in the acclaimed thriller

Out on 26 October for the first time in the UK in a Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) comes John Frankenheimer’s Seconds, the critically acclaimed 1966 suspense-thriller, featuring a powerhouse performance from Rock Hudon.

To the enigmatic question 'Who are SECONDS?', the film’s original poster responded: 'The answer is almost too terrifying for words.... The story of a man who buys for himself a totally new life. A man who lives the age-old dream — If only I could live my life all over again.'

John Frankenheimer directs Hudson as a 'second': that is, the newly plastic-surgery altered 'reboot' of, in this instance, a listless banker named Arthur Hamilton. Such procedures are carried out by a secret organisation, with the promise of giving an individual a chance at making a fresh start at life... but at what cost?

Master lighting cameraman James Wong Howe provides the paranoiac atmosphere to the skewed reality of what came to be widely considered one of Frankenheimer’s very best films.

Seconds is released in the UK from Eureka Entertainment in Dual Format (Blu-ray/DVD) on Monday 26 October 2015