Selina Waterman-Smith does her own Apprentice exit interview on YouTube

We bet Jack Dee’s annoyed he didn’t pop over to Selina Waterman-Smith’s living room on Wednesday night.

Despite spurning The Apprentice spin-off You’re Fired, the axed candidate was more than happy to chat about her experience – on a webcam, in the comfort of her own home, answering her own questions.


Posting the video after the property-selling task that saw her kicked out the boardroom aired, Selina addressed her decision not to do You’re Fired.

“That’s largely due to some issues I had with the production company for the show and some of the stories they’ve released about me into the press.

“I felt not only were they untrue but they were very disingenuous towards me. In light of the fact they won’t retract them, I felt like I couldn’t work with that company any more,” she said.

The Apprentice

Scott, Brett and Selina on the birthday party task (Boundless/BBC)


She also took a moment to tell assembled viewers that her trademark lipstick was “Chanel 104, for everyone that’s been asking me”.

But sadly the video didn’t contain any of the juicy gossip or cutting comments that we’d come to love from Selina.

The 'Marmite' candidate decided to take the high road and only focus on the positives of the process.

“The good things about the apprentice were I met some absolutely amazing people,” she said, name-checking Elle Stevenson and Natalie Dean in particular.

The Apprentice's Selina Waterman-Smith, Charleine Wain, Jenny Garbis

Selina, Charleine and Jenny (BBC)


“They both slept next to me in the bedroom in the house and without them I think I would have gone completely insane in the house,” she said.

Scott Saunders and Richard Woods were praised as 'phenomenal businessmen' and joined her crew of 'friends for life' alongside Aisha Kasim, April Jackson and Mergim Butaja.

“I’m happy that I got to meet them in a slightly negative experience,” she said.

The Apprentice

Selina and Joseph in the property task that saw her chopped (Boundless/BBC)


Noticeably absent, however, were Joseph Valente and Apprentice nemesis Charleine Wain who she branded 'unpleasant' as she left the process.

Her other positive was winning two tasks as project manager – the first week’s catering task and week eight’s party planning challenge.

She shared her two favourite lines from series too.

Firstly, from the Manchester discount shopping task: “Scott’s having a bad day but fortunately me and Sam picked up the slack. Imagine if we were all s***.”

The Apprentice

The team lost their task to set up a discount store in Manchester (Boundless/BBC)


And then: “I don’t have children and I don’t like them, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t be a brilliant children’s party producer.”

Ominously Selina promised that: “Hopefully that won’t be the last you see of me, so stay tuned.”

But Lord Sugar’s job is probably safe.

She ended her video with her own rendition of the fateful words “You’re fired”, topped off with kisses to the camera.

If only Alan ended every show like that.


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