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Sharon WRECKS everything for Ruby and Jay tonight in new EastEnders twist

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Sharon is on the warpath...

Sharon Mitchell will try and kill off any possible romance between Ruby and Jay permanently tonight in EastEnders.

The Walford legend is understandably furious at the thought of Ruby (played by Louisa Lytton) dating Jay as her dad was of course behind the brutal murder of Denny’s father.

So, this evening Sharon gets Phil (Steve McFadden) to warn Jay to steer well away from Johnny Allen’s daughter. But will Jay (Jamie Borthwick) obey? And what lengths will Sharon (Letitia Dean) go to stop Jay from going anywhere near Ruby?

EastEnders Ruby Allen and Jay Mitchell

Sharon doesn't want Jay anywhere near Ruby Allen in EastEnders - will Phil's warning do the trick?

Phil, after being given no choice by Sharon, then returns the money that Ruby gave her and tells her that he can’t do her any favours.

But, Phil still desperately needs to get hold of some cash and turns to Stuart, reminding him that he owes him money.

Meanwhile, Ruby is gutted at being knocked back by Phil and heads off to the pub to try and take her mind off everything. But then she comes up with a fresh plan. She decides she’s going to try and lure rapists Matt and Ross into exposing their true colours… but will the dangerous plan backfire?

Elsewhere, Kush decides that Mo is more dodgy than Del Boy! In a plot that sounds like something out of Only Fools and Horses, Mo supplies Kush with some fake fur coats.

But then Kush learns from Bex that a batch of real fur coats were recently stolen. Kush puts two and two together and accuses Mo of being up to no good.

EastEnders Mo Harris and Kush Kazemi

Mo has some fake fur coats she wants Kush to sell... but are they nicked?

He orders Mo to pack her bags, but has he got the wrong end of the stick?

EastEnders continues on BBC1.