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SHOCK new culprit in the frame for Graham's murder as Emmerdale fans spot MISSING CLUE


Emmerdale fans have worked out there is someone else who has motive to kill Graham Foster...

Last night's Emmerdale saw a shock new twist in the run up to Graham Foster's murder, and fans are convinced there was a hidden clue hinting that Vanessa Woodfield could also be in the running for bumping off the businessman next week...

With Rhona Goskirk and Graham still planning to leave Emmerdale and start a new life with Rhona's son Leo, they spent yesterday's episode packing their bags and making plans for their departure.

Vanessa finds out Rhona's leaving Emmerdale ITV

Vanessa was horrified to find out Rhona's leaving the village last night (Picture: ITV)

But what they didn't count on was anyone finding out their plans to secretly leave, but that's exactly what happened when Rhona's best friend Vanessa popped by.

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As Rhona was telling Leo about their plans to move to France and make a fresh start, she was surprised to hear some unexpected noises coming from the other side of the house.

It was only when she investigated that Rhona realised it was Vanessa coming through from the vets, but as she made her unexpected visit, Rhona didn't have time to hide their suitcases from sight.

Vanessa finds out Rhona's leaving Emmerdale ITV

Vanessa clearly wasn't happy with Graham, but is it enough for her to want him dead? (Picture: ITV)

Vanessa tried to quiz her friend about the bags and Rhona lied that she was clearing out the loft, but it was only when Vanessa saw Leo's passport and the details of his new school on the side that the penny dropped.

She was devastated that her friend was planning to leave without saying a word, and begged Rhona to stay.

But of course Rhona has made her mind up, leaving Vanessa fuming when Graham returned home and tried to make small talk.

Vanessa finds out Rhona's leaving Emmerdale ITV

Is Vanessa another suspect in the Graham's murder whodunnit? (Picture: ITV)

While Vanessa's hate for Graham stems from him taking her friend away, as well as ruining her wedding day that she secretly has planned with Charity, fans are convinced that this gives her enough motive to want him dead...

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So could Vanessa be a surprise last minute entry to the who kills Graham suspect list?

Or is she just a red herring, added into the frame by the writers to throw us off the scent of who really has blood on their hands?

Watch Emmerdale all next week to see Graham's murder unfold.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.