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SICKENING blackmail in Emmerdale set to destroy this village couple?

(Image credit: ITV)

Could Belle and Jamie's romance be under threat already?

Jame Tate is so desperate to keep his dark secret hidden next week's Emmerdale that he ends up resorting to blackmail.

Emmerdale fans will know that Jamie is the one who landed Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) in hospital, after leaving her fighting for her life following a hit and run accident.

Jamie confesses to Belle in Emmerdale

Jamie confessed everything to Belle recently... (Picture: ITV)

But while Moira might be home and trying to put her life back together, Jamie is still fighting to keep his secret safe.

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With Belle now in on the truth, she has agreed to keep Jamie's secret safe to stop him going to prison.

But soon Belle isn't the only one who knows what really happened the night Moira was mown down by Jamie's speeding car.

Jamie reveals all in Emmerdale

Jamie tells Kim on the phone what has been happening... but Nate walks in at the wrong time (Picture: ITV)


When Jamie calls Kim to tell her about everything that has gone on between him and Belle, Nate arrives, ready to plead for his job back.

But just how much of Jamie's conversation did Nate overhear?

Quite a lot, it seems - because later Nate is grilling Belle over what she was chatting to Jamie about before he arrived at the HOP office.

Nate grills Belle in Emmerdale

Belle goes to see what Nate knows and ends up spilling the beans about Moira's accident... (Picture: ITV)

Belle tries to brush Nate's grilling off, but when she fails to throw him off the scent, she ends up admitting that she knows who knocked Moira down.

But before Nate can do anything with his new-found information, Jamie offers him a deal.

Jamie confesses in Emmerdale

Jamie blackmails Nate into keeping quiet, but will he take the bribe? (Picture: ITV)

In a bid to keep his secret safe, Jamie blackmails Nate by offering him his job back, plus a bonus, if he agrees to keep quiet.

Will Nate accept the bribe? Or will he soon be heading to the nearest police station?

And how will Belle react when she discovers Jamie blackmailed Nate?

Could her relationship with Jamie be over already?

Emmerdale will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week.

Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.