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SICKENING twist in Neighbours set to leave THIS Ramsay Street family HORRIFIED


There's shock in Neighbours today when the person responsible for almost killing David Tanaka is revealed...

Today's Neighbours sees huge drama when David Tanaka takes a turn for there worst in hospital, and doctors race in to save his life as he flatlines in his hospital bed.

But in a dark twist, it is also revealed that none other than David's friend and sister's boyfriend Kyle Canning is responsible for the shocking road accident that has left the doctor fighting for his life.

Neighbours, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

David has been left fighting for his life after a hit and run accident (Picture: Channel 5)

The drama starts when Kyle and Amy Williams clash over the fact Kyle is dedicating more time to the class action against Lassiters' than he is to his relationship with Amy.

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And despite the fact she has asked him to take a step back from his long hours working with Toadie, Amy's words fall on deaf ears.

However, it soon turns out that they have got more to worry about than their fractured relationship when Kyle suggests he takes Amy for a drive to get some space from worrying about David at the hospital, leading to Amy noticing a broken headlight on the ute.

Neighbours, Aaron Brennan, Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy

Karl has bad news for a worried Paul and Aaron when David takes a turn for the worst (Picture: Channel 5)

Neighbours fans will know that Kyle borrowed Amy's car to drive to a meeting with some potential class action candidates, despite her warning him that he was too tired and overworked to be driving.

But as Amy tries to work out what happened to her light, Kyle sheepishly admits that he fell asleep at the wheel after his long drive the night before, leaving Amy horrified.

Neighbours, Kyle Canning, Amy Williams

Amy wants to know why her ute has a broken light after Kyle borrowed it (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

However, when Kyle admits he hit a curb, causing him to wake up, Amy soon pieces the evidence together and realises that Kyle didn't hit a curb, he hit David!

Kyle is sickened to realise he is the one who has left David fighting for his life, as Amy struggles to process the fact her boyfriend might be the reason her brother is about to die.

Neighbours, Kyle Canning, Amy Williams

Amy realises that Kyle was the one who hit David while he was asleep at the wheel (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Will Kyle come clean with his findings? And will doctors be able to save David before it's too late?

Neighbours currently airs weekdays at 12.50 pm and 6pm on Channel 5