'Silent Witness' fans are convinced newcomer Adam is trouble — here's why

Silent Witness cast Jason Wong, Emilia Fox and David Caves
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Silent Witness returned for another thrilling episode on Monday, with the first part of Reputations seeing the team investigating the murder of 48-year-old consultant surgeon Arnie Rahul. It was up to Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox), Jack Hodgson (David Caves) and newcomer Dr Adam Yeun (Jason Wong) to get to the bottom of this mysterious death.

Adam is a pathologist and new to the team, and he took on his first case in Bad Love part 1 and 2, which saw them investigating the murder of a swimming instructor who was found dead in her flat. Fans have definitely warmed to Adam, but recent events made them suspicious of his true intentions.

Jason Wong as Dr Adam Yeun

Fans are having trouble trusting Adam after Monday's episode! (Image credit: BBC)

During the recent episode, it was revealed that Adam was friends with the hospital director which brought his impartiality into question. It was certainly a dramatic episode, with an elderly woman initially being arrested on suspicion of Rahul's murder right before they turned off her husband's life support, who happened to be one of Rahul's patients.

Adam actually went to the hospital director's home to discuss his job, which immediately caused fans to grow suspicious, especially when she asked him to do the postmortem on the patient mentioned above, as this would be a conflict of interest. But Adam agreed despite this, leaving fans confused about what he was really up to.

One concerned fan wrote: "Surely Adam would be fired for what he's doing? #SilentWitness"

Another simply asked: "Why is Adam being dodgy #SilentWitness"

A third added: "Adam this is only your second case. You're going to get into trouble #SilentWitness"

Another said: "Totally weird because I had my suspicions about Adam and now they’ve literally come true #SilentWitness"

With Adam doing things behind his team's back, it's no surprise that Silent Witness fans had their suspicions about the newest arrival. He was eventually caught by those investigating the team, with Dr Alexander agreeing that his behaviour was inappropriate. He even fought her on doing the postmortem himself, despite Dr Alexander initially saying she was going to pull rank. 

The episode took a lighthearted break when the team attended the christening of Adam's daughter, but the hospital director confronted Adam saying: "do you want everyone to know what I know?" which doesn't put him in the best position. The drama only continued after Adam's wife revealed the director was their daughter's godmother!

Adam eventually concluded it was surgical error that killed the patient, telling the truth. But viewers will have to tune in to Tuesday's episode to find out what happens next, and hopefully clear Adam's name for good. Is he really up to something, or has this all been a big misunderstanding? 

Silent Witness continues on BBC1 on Tuesday 21st September. Episodes are available on-demand via BBC iPlayer

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