'Silent Witness' fans left devastated after character dies in shocking twist

Adam, Nikki and Jack
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Silent Witness Season 24 aired the second part of its Reputations storyline on Tuesday night, and fans were absolutely shocked when a major character was killed off in the final few moments.

Previously fans had their suspicions about newcomer Adam (Jason Wong), after it was revealed that he was friends with Emily Braithwaite (Karen Bryson), who was in charge of the same hospital where a surgeon had just been murdered. They thought he was snooping around behind Nikki (Emilia Fox) and Jack's (David Caves) backs to cause trouble, but it was actually revealed he was an honest person after all.

Adam came clean to Nikki about why he lied on his CV, revealing that he'd covered up a gap in his employment by saying he'd had a scholarship to cover for the fact he'd actually been in therapy for accidentally killing someone. He'd tried to perform an emergency procedure on someone injured in a traffic collision and had been unsuccessful, admitting it took him months to recover from his mistake.

Determined to prove himself to the team, Adam went off to try and get to the bottom of what happened to Dr Rahul, the surgeon murdered at the hospital moments before he was due to operate. Eventually all signs pointed to Professor Alan Cowley (Nicholas Farrell), a man working in stem-cell research.

At first, it seemed like Braithwaite was responsible for poisoning Rahul's patient Wilfred Okoye, and that she had later died of a heart attack due to stress, but Adam was unconvinced and set off to do some more digging into Professor Cowley.

This proved to be a very deadly mistake for Adam though, as following his accusations, Cowley ran Adam over in his car leaving him for dead. Nikki and Jack were left devastated after arriving on the scene, and fans couldn't believe that the character had been killed off so soon!

Many fans were shocked by the episode's dramatic climax, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts. One wrote: "Another brilliant 2 parter from #SilentWitness last night but Adam?! What a shock! Really lovely performance from @JasonCWong"

Another added: "I thought Adam would be a main character / pathologist on the show. I’m gutted he’s gone. #SilentWitness"

A third wrote: "Love love loved that episode of #SilentWitness but OMG I am in shock! Poor Adam!"

And a fourth said: "Was not expecting that ending, gutted they killed off Adam so quickly #SilentWitness"

Adam might be gone, but Silent Witness has revealed there's another new addition to the cast coming soon. It was confirmed that Genesis Lynea will be joining the cast as Dr. Simone Tyler, so fans will be seeing her on their screens very soon!

Silent Witness continues on BBC1. Previous episodes are available on BBC iPlayer.

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