'Silent Witness' fans notice subtle link to Jack and Nikki's first case

Silent Witness Season 24
There was a subtle link to Jack and Nikki's first case in Redemption Part 2 - but what does this mean? (Image credit: BBC/Rekha Garton)

Silent Witness Season 24 concluded its two-part opening story Redemption on Tuesday night, where they were finally able to learn the truth about what caused inmate Jay's death. 

In the first episode, fans were shocked to see a Harry Potter star making a cameo, and now some are convinced that a link between this case and a previous one could spell big things for Nikki (Emilia Fox) and Jack (David Caves).

Episode 1 saw Nikki convinced that school shooter Scott Weston (Elliott Tittensor) was behind the death of an inmate at a local prison, a character that previously appeared in an episode called Shadows. While Nikki was initially convinced that Jay had been killed by Scott, or at least another cellmate, signs soon pointed towards allergies.

Jack suggested that may have suffered from an anaphylactic shock from food, but it was later revealed that Jay had been allergic to bee venom which was an active ingredient in his cream which was given to him by his mother Dionne (Cecilia Noble). She had intentionally caused this allergic reaction, hoping he would go to hospital for treatment so she could visit him. But it backfired and caused his death instead.

Even though Scott's name was cleared, fans noticed that Jay's death was still significant, as this isn't the first time Nikki and Jack have worked on a case involving allergies.

Taking to Twitter, one fan pointed out: "The first thing Jack and Nikki investigated together was a mystery allergy related death AND NOW LOOK #SilentWitness"

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In Season 16 of Silent Witness, Jack and Nikki investigated their first death together during the two-part episode Change. Looking into the mysterious death of wealthy confectionery firm owner John Briggs, they eventually conclude that someone had exploited his allergy to kill him, and it wasn't death by natural causes at all.

While this is a subtle link, could this be further teasing a romance between Nikki and Jack, as they've now come full circle? One fan responded to the initial tweet saying: "A SIGN" and another added "“lead the forensic pathologist astray” is the quote playing again and again in my head help".

We'll have to wait and see what happens between the duo, but there have certainly been hints to suggest a romance is coming...

Silent Witness continues on BBC1. 

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