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Silent Witness star Emilia Fox reveals ‘hard-hitting’ story in new series

Silent Witness 2019
(Image credit: BBC/Sally Mais)

Silent Witness returns in January

Silent Witness star Emilia Fox has revealed that a story about the effects of drugs on schoolchildren is one of her favourite parts of the upcoming new series.

Emilia, who was has played forensic pathologist Dr Nikki Alexander since 2004, described the script as  “hard-hitting” and “relevant”.

Asked for her most memorable moment in the new series, Emilia replied: Reading the script for Tim Prager’s Lift Up Your Hearts (episodes three and four). The scripts are so hard hitting and relevant. It explores the effects of drugs and drug dealing on school kids, families and communities.”

She added: "There were also the episodes which took us to Brighton for Michael Crompton’s To Brighton, To Brighton (episodes five and six).

"This was special because it puts the Lyell team in a different location and we spent many days on an industrial sized rubbish dump - the smell of which I will definitely never forget!”

Silent Witness 2019

Dr Nikki Alexander, Dr Thomas Chamberlain and Dr Jack Hodgson on the case in the new series of Silent Witness

The new series, which is made up of five two-part stories, will also see Nikki trying to make her transatlantic relationship work with Matt Garcia (Michael Landes). Although, given Nikki’s track record with men we don’t hold out high hopes for this!

As to why the show remains so popular, Emilia says: “I have always thought that it was because you are getting a ‘behind the scenes’ look into the way crimes are solved - using pathology and forensic science to assist police work is fascinating.

“Finding the clues through the body is really the heart of the series, allowing the Lyell team to piece together the last moments of someone’s life and being able to give answers to loved ones.”

The first episode of the new series will see Nikki and the team investigating an attack against a trans man.

Silent Witness will begin on BBC1 on Tuesday 8th January.