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Soap fans go WILD as THIS Emmerdale favourite shows off a surprising new look


Leyla Harding showcased an interesting new look tonight, and Emmerdale fans were loving it!

Emmerdale fans have taken to social media to share their joy at Leyla Harding's hilarious costume in tonight's trip to the Dales.

As soap fans know, Leyla has been harbouring some not-so-secret feelings for local GP Liam Cavanagh, and the fact that the pair are both starring in the village Christmas pantomime together hasn't done anything to quash her crush.

Leyla and Liam wear pantomime costumes in Emmerdale

Leyla has wowed fans with her milk maid costume for the village pantomime (Picture: ITV)

However, tonight's Emmerdale saw Liam and Leyla going out into the village wearing their costumes for the show in a bid to drum up business for the pantomime, and fans couldn't get enough of Leyla's new milk maid ensemble!

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While Leyla and Liam handed out leaflets for the pantomime, fans were less bothered about Leyla's blatant flirting and more concerned with her costume for the show.

However, she wasn't the only one dressed for the part.

Liam was also wearing a hilarious outfit that he will be sporting for the role in the pantomime... and while Leyla wasn't thrilled about going out in public dressed as a milk maid, Liam seemed to be embracing his change of look.

Leyla and Liam wear pantomime costumes in Emmerdale

Leyla wasn't impressed with having to go out in public in her costume! (Picture: ITV)

After the pair had delivered as many leaflets as they could, they headed to the cafe for a coffee to warm up.

But while Liam was still oblivious to the fact Leyla was showcasing all her best flirting techniques, the chemistry between the pair wasn't lost on Bernice's daughter, Gabby.

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As Leyla flirted up a storm, Gabby purposefully dropped Bernice's name into the conversation, immediately getting Leyla's back up.

Leyla and Liam wear pantomime costumes in Emmerdale

Leyla's flirting didn't go unnoticed by David or Gabby (Picture: ITV)

For now Liam is committed to his fiancee, but the longer Bernice stays on the other side of the world as she tends to a family crisis in Australia, the more chance Leyla is going to have to woo him with her milk maid costume!

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.