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Stacey Dooley moves in with a polyamorous 'throuple' for new TV series - so what's it about?

Stacey Dooley revealed as latest star on Strictly Come Dancing 2018
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She's best known for travelling to war zones and tackling serious issues in her documentaries, but Stacey Dooley is embarking on a new adventure.

The reigning Strictly champion is set to move in with a polyamorous couple for her new show on W, Stacey Sleeps Over, which will see her delve into the world of less conventional relationships.

And the first couple she'll move in with is 'throuple' Thomas, Cathy and Nicole - who all live together in London with Cathy's seven-year-old son.

A throuple is a romantic three-way relationship.

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Stacey in Kazakhstan (Image credit: BBC/Hello Halo/Olivia Strong)


Talking about the dynamics of their relationship on Good Morning Britain, Cathy admitted the unusual set up doesn't just benefit Thomas - but all three of them individually.

She explained: "This relationship is not something that benefits Thomas more than it benefits Nic and I because we're equally close so we have an intimate relationship too, Nicole and Thomas have an intimate relationship and obviously Thomas and I are married and have an intimate relationship.

"And each one of us gives each other different things and meets different needs."

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Cathy and Thomas decided to embark on a polyamorous relationship after finding monogamy a "trap" after they married. Their counter-part, Nic, has lived with them for two years now.

“Thomas and I struggled with the concept of monogamy after we married. Promising to only have one sexual partner for life felt like a trap," she admitted.

"I met Nicole through work and introduced her to Thomas. There were fireworks. It’s crazy.”

The six-part series will see Stacey, 32, observe other relationships that "others might judge".


Adam Collings, channel director for W, hinted it was a no-brainer to have Stacey behind this show as she can offer "smart and contemporary views on modern life".

"Stacey is a remarkable filmmaker and this series marks a new phase in W's evolving programme offering," he explained. "Our audience is looking for smart and contemporary views on modern life that are relatable and entertaining.

"Stacey has the unique ability to draw out stories from people and this brilliant format will bring those exceptional skills to the fore, unearthing what we believe will be a host of fantastic, unexpected and revealing tales from some unusual sections of society.

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