Strictly Come Dancing fans slam "underwhelming" show dances in the final

 Strictly Come Dancing finalists, Hamza, Fleur, Helen and Molly
(Image credit: BBC)

Strictly Come Dancing fans have hit out at the "underwhelming" show dances in this year's final.

Despite the glitz and glitter of the last show in the series, fans took to social media to complain that the dancers' chance to show off their skills fell flat.

Fleur and Vito dance their showdance

Fleur and Vito pulled out all the stops for their show dance but viewers were "underwhelmed". (Image credit: BBC)

In a change from the usual format, the dancers took to the floor for their show dance in the middle of their three routines.

First up they performed the dance chosen for them by the judges, then it was time for the show dance, and finally they picked their own favourite dance of the series.

Molly and Carlos showdance

The viewers thought the show dances "lacked oomph" (Image credit: BBC)

But viewers at home weren't convinced that putting the show dance in the middle really worked.

Many fans headed to social media to say the dances were underwhelming.

And some people put the blame on the show dances not being the final performance of the celebrities' time on the programme.

While others thought there was too much pressure on the contestants to take part in three dances in one week.

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Other fans compared the show dances to grand finale performances from previous years.

Many viewers remembered the fabulous - series winning - dance performed by the late Caroline Flack and her partner Pasha Kovalev in the final which brought the house down in 2014.

AJ Odudu Strictly Come Dancing

Some viewers felt cheated that they never saw AJ's show dance (Image credit: BBC)

And some people even mourned the fact that we never got to see a show dance from AJ Odudu and Kai Widdrington because AJ was forced to withdraw from last year's final due to injury.

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However, the judges thought the dances were all great! 

Fortunately, we won't have long to wait to find out if the viewers' lack of enthusiasm for the show dances has affected the votes - the results of the final of Strictly Come Dancing will be announced later this evening!

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