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Elizabeth Hurley is complete Strictly authority, says pal Caroline Quentin

Strictly Come Dancing 2020 Caroline Quentin
(Image credit: BBC)

Strictly superfan Elizabeth has been giving Caroline some top tips!

Strictly Come Dancing star Caroline Quentin is being cheered on by Elizabeth Hurley and Amanda Holden.

Here Caroline, 60, talks about her supporters and how far she reckons she can go in the BBC1 hit...

We hear you have celebrity supporters!

"Amanda Holden [who starred with Caroline in BBC1 sitcom Kiss Me Kate] very sweetly has supported me. She’s a REALLY good dancer! And Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damian are complete authorities on Strictly, so they gave me tips, too. Mostly, people just seem really excited that I’m doing this during what is a really gloomy time - they’ve been saying: ‘Just enjoy it for us!’"

Strictly Caroline Quentin and Johannes Radebe

Caroline is having a great time on Strictly

What made you want to trip the light fantastic on Strictly?

"I’m hoping I’m actually going to learn some proper skills on this show. When you do a musical, as a slightly older person, you’ll be taught a few steps, then other dancers make you look good. I’m excited about working one-on-one with a professional dancer and spending every day with someone who’s really good at something."

What dances are you most excited about learning?

"I’m slightly trepidatious of those dances with the very fiddly feet because I think I’m gonna fall over. I’m really hoping that, having showed off for a living, when I get to do some of the more dramatic dances, I won’t be too embarrassed to really go for it. I’m gonna try and use all that stuff to cover up for any nasty footwork - or any bad arms!"

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How do you feel about the physical challenge of doing a show like this?

"If I make it beyond the second week, I think I’m gonna find it tiring but I’m looking forward to my brain and my body working hard. One of the reasons I wanted to do Strictly is because we know, as we get older, we should be taxing ourselves and learning something new. I hope my doing Strictly encourages the over-60s to do some dancing as it’s very good for physical and mental wellbeing."

How far would you like to go in the competition?

"In my head I’ve got as far as winning. Ha, ha! I really am going to give it my best shot. And when people get sick of me they’ll vote me off. But that’s fine, that’s showbiz!"

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