Take That 'excited spectators' over new film, Greatest Days

Greatest Days The Movie first look
Greatest Days tells the story of best friends who bond over their shared love of a boy band. (Image credit: Elysian Film Group)

Take That have revealed their delight about Greatest Days finally being released in UK cinemas.

The band's Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen were the guests of honor at a star-studded world premiere of the film based on the stage musical, The Band.

"To take it off the stage and put it into the landscape of a movie and put it into theaters, what they have done is absolutely incredible and we have been really excited spectators," said Mark.

Howard Donald (R), Gary Barlow (L) and Mark Owen (C) from Take That attend the world premiere of 'Greatest Days',

Take That's Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard attended the world premiere of Greatest Days. (Image credit: Getty)

Gary, Mark and Howard are credited as executive producers on the film, which is written by Tim Firth, who also wrote the stage show, directed by Coky Giedroyc and produced by Danny Perkins. But, at one point, there were fears it would never get off the ground.

"This was starting to be made before the pandemic, so they had all these bumps and stops and starts and we all kept saying this is never going to happen," said Gary. "We can't believe they stuck at it and, God bless them. they got this thing made and it's brilliant."

Greatest Days is the jukebox musical movie that follows 16-year-old Rachel and her gang of four best friends — Debbie, Claire, Zoe and Heather — who have the night of their lives seeing their favorite boyband in concert in the 1990s.

Back in the present day, 25 years on, the friends reunite for one more epic show by their beloved band and discover their lives have all changed in many different ways. Can they relight their friendship after all these years?

The film stars This Way Up's Aisling Bea, Ruby Speaking's Jayde Adams, Bodies' Amaka Okafor and Black Mirror's Alice Lowe, among others.

While Greatest Days is not a film about Take That, the story plays out against a backdrop of the band's best-loved songs.

Though, Howard admits: "I think the movie is second to what the story and the acting is for me personally but the music really brings the film to life," he said. "And it's so emotional, it's just a beautiful story of friendship. I've shed a few tears."

Lara McDonnell as Rachel, Carragon Guest as Claire, Nandi Hudson as Zoe, Eliza Dobson as Heather and Jessie Mae Alonzo as Debbie.

The film also stars (clockwise): Lara McDonnell (Young Rachel) Nandi Hudson (Zoe), Eliza Dobson (Heather), Jessie Mae Alonzo (Debbie) and Carragon Guest (Claire). (Image credit: Elysian Film Group)

For Take That, it was important the movie focused on one thing — the fans, who had turned up to the premiere in their droves to watch a special performance from the band that included their hits, "Greatest Days", "Back for Good" and "Rule the World".

"I'd love people to watch it and feel you know 15 again or whatever — like we do when we watch it — and maybe tap their feet, sing along, have a little cry and maybe find an old friend that they've not spoke to in years and give them a call," said Gary.

"I want anyone who watches it to feel proud that they were probably there from the very early days because, without these people that have given us the best support ever, we would not be stood on this stage now talking to you thank you everyone."

Having already performed at The Coronation Concert and with their British Summer Time performance in Hyde Park still to come on July 1, it's shaping up to be a busy year for Take That.

"And we haven't even told you what we're doing for the rest of the year, yet," Gary teased fans. "We've got a big year ahead — and we'll be back in September ready for new music."

Until then, we've all got the film to enjoy. Greatest Days is out in cinemas on Friday June 16, coming to Prime Video on August 25.

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