'The Bay' fans floored by last night's shock twist ending

Marsha Thomason in The Bay Series 3.
Marsha Thomason in 'The Bay' Series 3. (Image credit: ITV)

Everyone watching The Bay season 3 was left stunned after that shock ending last night.

We're now halfway through the series, and DS Jenn Townsend (Marsha Thomason) is still trying to get closer to finding out just who might be responsible for the murder of star boxer, Saif Rahman.

This week, forensic reports from some of their recent discoveries pointed the team towards Saif's stomping ground down at the boxing gym, as the blood they'd discovered out back in episode 2 was a match for Saif.

*Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Bay*

Whilst the Morecambe CID team was focused on uncovering as much info as possible from members of the gym, Erin and Jenn were still trying to learn anything else they could about Saif and his place in the community.

Throughout the episode, the investigative duo stumbled across growing tensions between Saif's brother Adnan and their mother, Mariam. Jamal signed to Erin that their mother thought Adnan was essentially the outsider in the family, but Saif was the 'Golden Boy'. Later on, the duo later stumbled upon a particularly heated argument where Mariam all but admitted that she would prefer it if Saif was alive and Adnan had been murdered instead.

Marsha Thomason in 'The Bay' season 3

'The Bay' fans jumped out of their seats after episode three aired a big twist.  (Image credit: ITV/ Jed Knight/ Tall Story Pictures)

Jenn managed to cool the situation off, but Adnan wasn't out of trouble for long though. In the final minutes of the show, Jordan Rooney decided to go after Adnan after work with a knife. Although Adnan tried to run away, Jordan jumped him after work and tried to stab him. Whilst the two were wrestling on the floor, Adnan ended up stabbing Jordan with his own knife in the market, leaving him with blood on his hands and in hot water just after Jenn warned him he needed to stay out of trouble.

It's safe to say that no one was expecting to see Adnan involved in more trouble already, especially after he trashed the shrine dedicated to his brother at the end of episode 2!

Loads of The Bay's fans took to social media to share just how shocked they were at the ending and how Jordan's tackle came out of nowhere and made many people jump! 

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The case was truly blown wide open in this episode. The toxicology report showed Saif was taking performance-enhancing drugs, and a suspicious car with two people inside has now been spotted on CCTV taking a strange route away from the gym the night Saif was killed... will the team track down who these suspects are? And what's going to happen to Adnan?! We'll have to wait till next week to find out...

The Bay continues next Wednesday at 9 pm on ITV. 

The latest series is also available to watch right now on ITV Hub, and the first two seasons can be streamed on BritBox.

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