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The Chase fans shocked after Joe Swash wins HUGE amount

The Chase
(Image credit: ITV)

Joe Swash managed to beat The Beast!

The Chase fans were shocked after Joe Swash brought home £47,000.

Sunday's episode saw a repeat of the Celebrity Chase, featuring Joe, Kate Humble, Rik Edwards and Fiona Bruce.

Together they had to take on Chaser Mark Labbett, hoping to win some cash for charity.

Fiona was first to face the Chaser, bringing home £7,000 to get the ball rolling.

It only got better after that too, because Rick scored £8,000 and chose to up it to £60,000.

Kate then added £6,000 to the pot, taking the total up to £73,000.

With an already impressive prize pot, it was up to Joe to bring home some money and make it a full house.

And he surprised fans by scoring £7,000 in the Cash Builder, and taking home a higher offer of £47,000.

Mark Labbett heckled Joe by saying, "Joe Swash scored seven - now I’ve seen everything.

“If Joe Swash takes me for £47,000 my colleagues will never let me forget it.”

But unfortunately for the Chaser, Joe beat him fair and square, taking the total to a whopping £120,000.

Joe admitted half of them were guesses, but he still impressed viewers on Twitter.

One wrote, "Oh well done awesome ,Chaser crumbled #TheChase"

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Another added, "Well done Joe @realjoeswash#thechase"

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And a third wrote, "Joe Swash on #thechase has made my evening, love him"

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The team managed to win the entire £120,000 too, after beating Mark in the Final Chase.

Together the team scored 18, but The Beast only answered eight questions correctly.

Responding to this, one fan added, "There is something joyous about the Beast looking beaten and shell shocked on The Chase"

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Better luck next time Mark!

The Chase continues weekdays on ITV1.