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'The Devil All The Time' trailer sees Tom Holland fight decades worth of evil

Tom Holland in The Devil All The Time
(Image credit: Netflix)

The Devil All The Time is full of people we're used to seeing as good (for the most part, anyway) being very, very bad.

It's a little hard to look at Tom Holland and not think Spider-Man. But here? He's fighting a whole different kind of evil through the 1940s, '50s and '60s in Knockemstiff, Ohio. (Yes, it's a real place.) And that evil comes in the form of a completely unholy preacher (Robert Pattinson), a very twisted couple in Jason Clarke and Riley Keough, and a crooked sheriff — Holland's Avenger comrade Sebastian Stan.

This is not going to be cute little Peter Parker charming his way through the bad guys, folks.

The Devil All The Time premieres on Netflix on Sept. 14.

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