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The Emmys have made big changes for 2021, including a stunt category

The 72nd Emmy Awards
(Image credit: Television Academy)

Every year critics and entertainment journalists write a new slew of pieces calling for stunt categories in the major award shows. The Emmys have stepped into this century and have finally added an award for Outstanding Stunt Performance, along with several new rule changes for 2021. 

Representatives for the Academy noted that "This new award will recognize stunt performers themselves; previously, there have only been stunt coordination categories. The award will acknowledge actual stunt artists whose performances across the global television medium are integral to storytelling each season. Team entries will be capped at four entrants."

The contributions that stunt performers bring to film and television cannot be overstated. Here's hoping the Oscars follow suit... eventually. 

The Television Academy also announced the following rule changes for 2021 per Variety.

  • Combine all interactive category awards into one category – outstanding interactive
  • Sound editing and sound mixing for nonfiction/reality programming: An individual credited as a sound editor and a sound mixer for the same nonfiction or reality program can enter as a sound editor or sound mixer, but not both.
  • Outstanding costumes for variety, nonfiction or reality programming has been
    converted to a juried award.
  • Period and/or character makeup and hairstyling categories have been converted to area awards.
  • Music composition for series and for a limited or anthology series, movie or special
    will have a two-step voting process to determine nominations.
  • The outstanding choreography for scripted programming award has been modified to allow for nominations.

The Television Academy also offered further clarification on the distinction between made for TV films and theatrical motion pictures: 

"To clarify the distinction between theatrical motion pictures and television movies during the ongoing pandemic, any non-documentary film placed on the AMPAS viewing platform for Oscar consideration will be deemed a theatrical motion picture and thus ineligible for the Emmy competition.”

Entries to 2021's Emmys will be anything created between June 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021 that meets the appropriate qualifications.

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