The future of Lee Mack's The 1% Club revealed

Lee Mack hosts The 1% Club
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Lee Mack's The 1% Club is returning to ITV after a successful first series, which aired on Saturday nights and drew in millions.

The game show sees 100 contestants begin — but to make it to the end and win the top prize of up to £100,000, they must correctly answer a question only 1% of the country would get right, so it's no easy task!

The 1% Club is set to return for another round, with ITV confirming there'll be eight more hour-long episodes for viewers to enjoy, and potentially witness people winning huge sums of money.

ITV's Commissioning Editor Satmohan Panesar cited its "unique" format as a reason for its return, adding  “With its unique combination of Lee Mack's quick wit as the ringmaster and a devilishly engaging format, it’s been great to see the show entertain and confound millions of viewers in equal measure across ITV and ITV Hub.  We’re really looking forward to bringing it back for another series and finding more members of the 1% Club.” 

Responding to the news, Lee Mack added: "Delighted to be back. Once again I have been trusted to correctly give away up to one hundred thousand pounds with no mistakes. Good luck, ITV.” 

Every episode of The 1% Club begins by asking a question that 90% of the country got right (based on a sample of answers given by 1000 people across Britain), proceeding to ask questions that smaller and smaller percentages answered correctly, until reaching that all-important question that only 1% of respondents knew.

It's different from other game shows because instead of having great general knowledge, contestants need to use common sense to get to the last round, as it's difficult to know what kinds of questions will pop up!

In an interview with What to Watch, Lee Mack told us: "Most quizzes use traditional general knowledge-style questions — you either know them or you don’t straight away. Here, the questions are about logic, if you don’t know straight away and your brain is quick enough, you can try to work it out in the 30 seconds you have to answer."

The 1% Club airs on ITV. The full first season can be watched on-demand via ITV Hub.  The series is filmed at dock10 studios which is part of MediaCity.

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