The future of the 'Riverdale' core four teased in Season 5, Episode 4 promo

Archie wearing a medical gown.
(Image credit: Riverdale, The CW)

The CW’s Riverdale continues to prove it is one of the most chaotic shows ever to exist. Today, season 5, episode 4 promo shows the core four all grown up, and it looks like a lot has changed. The first three episodes of Season 5 covered prom, high school graduation, and the Riverdale crew going their separate ways. Episode 4 teases the long-awaited seven-year time jump, which puts everyone in their mid-20s. 

In the promo, Archie has been away fighting a war, Betty is an FBI agent, Veronica is now married, and to no surprise, Jughead is a published writer. From the looks of it, all of them are living lives that would have taken them far away from Riverdale, but like a sleepy Maine town in a Stephen King novel, there is truly no escaping its’ hold for too long. 

As Jughead gives the narration, the promo shows him having a bit of a meltdown. Maybe a bad case of writer’s block. Then there is Archie, who wakes up in a hospital bed, presumably about to get discharged and sent back home. Betty is in therapy, and that makes all the sense compared to everything else. There is some footage of her in a dark hole sweating profusely, so the therapist's guess about her going through something traumatic seems on par. One could even argue without a problem; this has been true long before whatever situation she got herself into. Meanwhile, Veronica has married some guy named Chadwick, which sounds awful already. The promo ends with Archie in his military uniform, and yes, we do have a lot of catching up to do.

Riverdale has been renewed for a sixth season. The series was included in a list of 12 series the CW announced had received renewals. The saga of Riverdale will continue.