The Masked Singer UK fans predict 'biggest shocker' for one reveal!

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The Masked Singer UK viewers have rumbled the identity of Knitting and in a rare show of unity, just about everyone agrees!

Viewers are convinced that Claire Richards from Steps is underneath the comedy costume – and they’ve been saying it since her first appearance on the show.

Knitting costume for The Masked Singer UK

Who is underneath Knitting's costume? (Image credit: ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV )

In previous weeks, Knitting’s clues included a single magpie. One magpie is ‘one for sorrow’ which is a Steps lyric. 

There was also a nod to the numbers 5,6,7,8 – another Steps song!

Knitting in The Masked Singer UK

Knitting's clues all point to Claire Richards! (Image credit: ITV)

This week, Knitting walked past a sign saying ‘area of heavy footfall’.

That’s Steps, right?

And she told us all a fairytale, which viewers thought was the story of the video to the classic Steps song, Tragedy!

The Masked Singer UK judging panel

Davina guessed Knitting is Claire Richards (Image credit: ITV)
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When a church appeared on her video, the excited fans were convinced it was the church where the video was filmed.

“I’ve been screaming this is Claire from Steps for weeks,” said one viewer.

And another over-excited fan said: "THAT IS THE TRAGEDY CHURCH PEOPLE."

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One crafty Steps fan made another observation, pointing out that Claire is a fan of the show and often adds her guesses on social media.

But she never makes any guesses about who Knitting could be!

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It seems everyone is in agreement! 

One fan said there was "absolutely no denying" who was underneath the bright pink costume.

And, as one viewer pointed out, it would be a "shocker" if Knitting isn't Claire Richards!

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At the end of the show, Pigeon was revealed to be comedian Katherine Ryan.

Knitting was put through to next week, so we'll have to wait a bit longer to find out if she really is Claire Richards!

The Masked Singer UK returns next week. For more information see our TV guide

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