Who is Pigeon on The Masked Singer UK?

Pigeon for The Masked Singer UK
Who is Pigeon on The Masked Singer UK? (Image credit: ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV )

Who is Pigeon on the Masked Singer? She was the fifth character to be unmasked on The Masked Singer UK season 4 — but did you guess who was under the coo-l costume?

Once again The Masked Singer is back on our screens, meaning there are a whole host of crazy characters entertaining us each Saturday night.

Here's what we know about Pigeon including which celebrity was hiding under the costume...

Who is Pigeon on The Masked Singer UK?

Pigeon was unmasked as comedian Katherine Ryan and she had us all fooled with her fake Essex accent!

After her reveal, Katherine revealed that she had to keep it all a secret from her daughter, Violet as she said: “You can’t tell my daughter anything because she’d spill it to her whole school so she’ll be finding out with everyone else. We watch the show together.”

Katherine Ryan unmasked as Pigeon

Katherine Ryan was masquerading as Pigeon. (Image credit: Bandicoot TV)

Who is Pigeon on The Masked Singer UK? Songs

Pigeon sang 'No Scrubs' by TLF in the first week.

In week four, Pigeon performed 'Yeah!' by Usher ft. Lil Jon and Ludacris. 

Pigeon sand 'Fight For This Love' by Cheryl Cole in week five.

Who is Pigeon on The Masked Singer UK? Show clues

Pigeon impressed judges by singing No Scrubs by TLC, revealing they had a female voice, but so far they're a bit of a mystery. One of their VT clues was: "I'm an old pigeon mama and I've such a warm heart, let me share some of my wisdom - Life imitates art."

But Mo Gilligan seemed convinced it was Gemma Collins, so could it be the TOWIE star hiding under there?

Pigeon took to the stage once again in week four and their clue package was packed with hints as to who they could be. The first clue we were shown was the word "TITLE" written out in bread and that Pigeon "loves a natter" and it's one of her top-ten favourite things to do.

We were then shown a jewellery box on a tartan basket, while Pigeon also teased: "As a chick, I got used to giving speeches, so I'm comfortable with public speaking." Then there was a picture of a graph saying Top Ten — could they be a singer?

Pigeon also said that she speaks up on things she believes in and was then seen carrying a cauliflower.

During her performance, there were two "Footpath Closed Ahead" signs on the stage. Could this be a clue?

Pigeon's Clue or False was: "Babes, d'you know they've literally been saying I've not been taught in pigeon English" and "Get a shovel and dig this. Some festival goers have said I like a bit of argy bargy." Both the judges and audience seemed unsure on which one was true, but their guesses included Gemma Collins, Emily Atack, Stacey Solomon and Linda Robson.

Who is Pigeon on The Masked Singer UK? Verbal clues

The first verbal clue we had from The Masked Singer UK was: "It must be dove — it's Pigeon!" which didn't give us much to go off. But with the "dove" pun, we thought it could have been someone who is a romantic.

Who is Pigeon on The Masked Singer UK? Costume clues

Interestingly, Pigeon had a cute costume including a cardigan, glasses, and skirt, so it's different from some of the other animals we've seen performing on The Masked Singer stage. 

Originally, we weren't sure what the outfit meant, or if it had any relevance to the celebrity hidden underneath. With the character being a bird, we thought it could have pointed to a wildlife presenter like Michaela Strachan or Liz Bonnin — how wrong were we?!

In week four, Pigeon was seen holding a handbag with dogs on. 

The Masked Singer UK season 4 begins on New Year's Day at 6.30 pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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