The Resident season 6 episode 1: who did Conrad choose?

Matt Czuchry and Kaley Ronayne in The Resident season 6 episode 1
Matt Czuchry and Kaley Ronayne in The Resident (Image credit: Fox)

There’s nothing like a good love triangle to keep fans guessing after a season finale and after months of speculation it looks like The Resident season 6 episode 1 provided some answers about the future of Conrad’s (Matt Czuchry) love life. It certainly had fans on social media buzzing.

At the end of The Resident season 5, Conrad was faced with the dilemma of being attracted to two women who also shared his affection. There was Cade (Kaley Ronayne), the ER physician, and Billie (Jessica Lucas), Chastain’s Chief of Surgery — and Nic’s best friend.

In the final moments of the season 6 premiere, Conrad friend-zoned Billie after telling Cade to meet him at his place later that night. Though Billie has a close connection to Conrad — she even helps him deal with daughter Gigi’s nightmares — Conrad seems to favor Cade.

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As the couple walks away Billie runs into Raptor (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), who observes that Conrad might have been open to a relationship with Billie had he known she shared his affection. Thus, the door seems to be open for a future relationship if things with Cade don’t work out.

Creator and executive producer Amy Holden Jones told ETOnline that things might be different than they seem. 

"Now he’s in a love relationship again," she said. "This is all new. And I think that it’s important to know that Raptor’s speech to Billie in the end is a signal of several things. One, their deepening friendship and relationship, which is important to the show. But also the question: is the book actually closed of who he chose [and] who he didn’t?"

She hinted that season 6 presents challenges for Conrad and Cade while also giving Billie room to explore other possible love connections, including with a new doctor who hasn’t arrived on the scene yet. No matter what happens, though, Jones points out that both women are "unbelievable options" for Conrad and figuring things out in the romance department is part of his journey this season. "It’s not a simple choice and I don’t believe it ever will be, really."

Naturally, fans weighed in with their thoughts and they were overwhelmingly supportive of a future Conrad/Billie pairing:

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The Resident airs Tuesday nights on Fox, with the latest episodes streaming on Hulu the next day.

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