The Voice: Ricky has a famous admirer!

(Image credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images)

Ricky Wilson was left blushing like a schoolgirl when he met contestant Damian Dalton Smith, the older brother of actress Sheridan Smith

Damian can be seen trying to win a place in the show at the Blind Auditions in tonight's show, hoping that one or more of the coaches – Ricky Wilson, Sir Tom Jones, Rita Ora and – will hit their buttonsand take him through to the next round.

Although we can’t say if the singer gets any turns from the coaches, Damian says he told the Kaiser Chiefs frontman that Sheridan, 33, has a crush on him! 

"Before Ricky Wilson even opened his mouth I said, 'Ricky, my sister fancies you, by the way,’” says Damian. ‘He went bright red and said, 'Erm, is she here? Over to…’.”

Damian, 39, continued: "She's a very proud sister, but when I told her what I'd told Ricky, she screamed down the phone, ‘Oh my god! How embarrassing!’”

Explaining that the Smith family are all very musical, Damian, who is also the singer in a band called The Torn, said it wasn't uncommon for them to perform together.

He said: "We do, yeah. Whenever I'm with the band and Sheridan has time off she'll get up on stage and sing with me. She does Dolly Parton's Nine To Five because mum and dad are a country and western duo, The Daltons. We're all in it together.

"We did a festival last year where mum and dad played, my band headlined, Blue and Peter Andre were there, Sheridan got up as well. It was a family affair.

"Growing up we'd go up and down the country with mum and dad and sit backstage with a cup of Coca-Cola and a packet of crisps. All through our childhood we'd be entertaining the rest of the family."

Damian said he had no problems with being known as Sheridan's brother: "I will always get, 'Damian, Sheridan Smith's brother', because she's the one who's made it first. But I'm so proud of her and she's so proud of me that it makes no difference whatsoever. If it is an advantage, then so be it. It's great, why would you knock that?"

Talking about his Voice audition, he said: "During the daytime I had a problem with a throat infection and the vocal coaches helped me out, but I think I made the best of a bad situation."

Damian, who streams performances on his own YouTube channel, also said that he liked to play a range of instruments when performing on his own.

He said: "When I'm doing my solo stuff I've got a harmonica round my neck, a guitar in my hand and a tambourine on my foot - who says men can't multi-task?"

Damian's audition can be seen on The Voice, Saturday 14 February on BBC One at 7.15pm.