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THIS Emmerdale favourite almost played a totally different character - but who?


Emmerdale's Max Parker auditioned for a totally different role...

Emmerdale actor Max Parker, who is better known to soap fans as Victoria Sugden's love interest Luke Posner, has revealed that he originally auditioned for a totally different character on the soap.

Fans will know that Luke came into Victoria Sugden's life in August last year when he struck up a friendship with her in a hospital canteen.

Luke and Victoria, Emmerdale

Max arrived in the village as Luke Posner last summer (Picture: ITV)

But it was only later that it was revealed to Victoria, and viewers, that he was in fact the brother of Lee Posner, the man who raped Victoria after a night out last spring.

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But while Max plays the role of Luke brilliantly, he was originally in the running to play Kim Tate's son, Jamie.

Speaking at a recent press day, Max revealed: "I had originally auditioned to play Jamie Tate which is funny. At the time they did so many rounds of auditions and they just couldn't find anybody.

Luke and Victoria Emmerdale

Luke's relationship with Victoria is tricky thanks to his brother's actions (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: AMY BRAMMALL)

"The first time I saw Alex Lincoln, who now plays Jamie, was at the screen test, and I thought: 'He's not been in any of the auditions!'

"Pretty much when they told him that he'd got the part, they told me: 'We'd like you to play Luke, we've been writing this character, it would be really good for you', but there was a gap before I started."

But while Max might have had to wait a while before his character arrived in Emmerdale, he already knew the part would be exciting...

Emmerdale Jamie Tate, played by Alexander Lincoln

Max originally auditioned for the role of Jamie Tate, now played by Alex Lincoln (Picture: ITV)

"I did know my storyline but I wasn't allowed to say who I was related to in the show. I didn't know the extent of what I'd be doing in the village, I just knew who my relation was.

"I would love to stick around the the village. I would definitely love to. I think there are more avenues to be explored with Luke, so take that as you will.

"I'd like to explore more to Luke. So far they've shown a few sides to him, and there's a few more that we'll hopefully see."

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.