This week's 'WandaVision' episode has a mid-credits scene

Monica Rambeau heads into the Hex in Episode 7 of WandaVision.
This rover is big enough to break on through to the other side ... right? (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Marvel movies are famous for their post-credits scenes, starting with Samuel L. Jackson making his first appearance as Nick Fury at the end of the original Iron Man movie. And since then, those extra became a real reason to not leave your seat as soon as the movie was over.

But WandaVision on Disney+ broke that trend. When the final scene of each episode ended to cut to the cool "Please Stand By" effect of a pixellated TV broadcast, that was it, and a heavy few minutes of actual credits were all that followed.

That's changed as of Episode 7 of WandaVision, which indeed has a scene after the scene. 

Technically, it's a mid-credits scene. You've got to get through about a minute and a half of credits first, and then it appears.

It's a teaser in the truest sense of the word. 

Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) has made her way back into Westview and is peeking inside Wanda's house. She opens the exterior door to the basement but is discovered. 

We'll skip who it is just in case you haven't watched this far, but it does pose some interesting questions. Whose side is he on? And just a more general what does it all mean?!?!?

Only two episode of WandaVision to go, and hopefully we'll get some more answers. (And ideally they'll come on Disney+ on Apple TV.)

Phil Nickinson

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