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Top 16 Kids Shows On Hulu in 2020

Hulu has been a popular choice for streaming video for years. It's grown a lot in the past few months too, especially as part of the bundle with Disney Plus (Disney+) and ESPN+. Hulu has something for everyone, and that includes plenty of excellent kids shows and other programming. In fact, it can be hard to choose which shows to put on for the kids in your life especially when you need to keep them busy while you try to get work done. Here are the 16 top kids shows available on Hulu.

  • Totally Insane-ee: Animaniacs
  • The Word of the day is "Learn": Sesame Street
  • Half Human. Half Gem. All Hero.: Steven Universe
  • Where the bizarre feels regular: Regular Show
  • Visit the Land of Ooo: Adventure Time
  • Time for your checkup: Doc McStuffins
  • Classic Books come alive: Curious George
  • Sling me to life: Angry Birds
  • Move it, Football-Head!: Hey Arnold
  • Hold onto your diapers!: Rugrats
  • Kickin' Kindergarteners: The Powerpuff Girls
  • Super Excitement: Justice League Action

Hulu kids shows that are the Tip-Top

Now that a lot of people are stuck at home , you might be looking for things to watch, especially for those kids who aren't at school. Top kids shows should entertain kids of all ages, and our top pick has entertained kids through the ages, too. In the same spirit as other classic Warner Bros. cartoons like Looney Toons, Animaniacs is funny to kids and their parents. It's mostly timeless, even with references to classic cliches of old Hollywood, but there are a few cultural references of the 1990's that today's kids will likely miss out on. Luckily, new exclusive episodes of Animaniacs are on the way as Hulu Originals, which means there will be more to discover and these originals aren't likely to leave the service anytime soon.

Looking for something targeting kids a little older? Check out Steven Universe , which has won over fans and critics who give it high praise. The show is smart, exciting, and fun but it also goes deeper than most other kids shows. It's more than just a typical coming-of-age story, as it deals with issues like gender roles, sexual identity, relationships and more.

If you want kids shows that can be a springboard into learning or activities, Hulu has you covered there too. With MythBusters Jr. , kids can see other kids around their age doing crazy fun and difficult experiments. This could lead the kids watching to a greater interest in a STEM field or two. Meanwhile MasterChef Junior could open up the kitchen to kids who watch it, and lead to experimentation with cooking. It helps for kids to see themselves represented here too, and to learn that kids can make more than just Toaster Pastries and pizza when it comes to food for themselves.