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TOWIE's Lauren Pope talks social media: 'I get the same insults all the time' (VIDEO)

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The Only Way Is Essex star Lauren Pope has a massive follwing on Twitter and Instagram, but there are haters as well as lovers. In fact, she's frequently trolled.

Lauren told What's on TV: "I get the same insults all the time... I look like an alien, I look like a horse. Once you've heard it 2-3-4 times, it's not really going to affect your day to day life, is it?... [US supermodel] Tyra Banks also gets called an alien, so I'm in good company!"

It's not all negative, though. Lauren – who has just left TOWIE after five years on the show – has 1.21 million followers on Twitter and 860,000 on Instagram and explained how it helped her business.

"It's great as well for feedback, especially for business," she said. "You can like, say you have a new product idea, you can talk about it on Twitter and get and instant yes or no if people would be into it. Again with clothing, do they like this, do they not like this. I think it's such an amazing tool, social media, for so many different reasons."

But she admitted she had been the author of her own online misfortune.

She revealed: "The worst is drunk Snapchatting. I haven't really Snapchatted for ages, but when I first got it... Yeah, and then you woke up the next morning. Because the worst thing is the video evidence of you being drunk... A Tweet you can just brush off, but video evidence... You just wake up and you're like, you know, you're a bit hungover and you open your eyes and [big inhalation] 'WHAT DID I SNAPCHAT?!' and then you cringe at what you posted."

Watch Lauren Pope talk about social media, above."]

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