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The Big Flower Fight on Netflix - 'It's weird but good' says host Vic Reeves

The Big Flower Fight

Vic Reeves co-hosts Netflix’s Bake-Off style garden sculpture competition The Big Flower Fight

The world of garden sculpture is getting the Bake-Off treatment in streaming giant Netflix’s new show The Big Flower Fight.

Presented by comedians Vic Reeves and Natasia Demetriou  (Stath Lets Flats), the eight-part series sees 10 teams of two creating amazing large-scale flower installations in a series of creative challenges.

We caught up with Vic on location in Kent to find out more…

What did you think when you were first told about The Big Flower Fight?

Vic Reeves: “I thought: ‘This sounds weird, but good.’ I couldn't really picture it what it could be like.”

The Big Flower Fight

Vic and Natasia Demetriou

What’s impressed you about how the contestants tackled the challenges?

Vic: “It’s quite astonishing what they can do. I’ve enjoyed seeing how they put their minds to the task, and watching it all happen so quickly. It’s mesmerizing!”

Do you have green fingers?

Vic: “Well, I grew some tomatoes last year and I was really pleased with them!”

Has this inspired you to get creative and start building something in your garden?

Vic: “I’ve thought about it in the past, but nothing on the scale of this! I might have a go at making a willow arch.”

What’s your role in this series?

Vic: “We’re the link between the judges, the teams and the public. It wouldn't be right if we were expert gardeners or floral sculptors. So it’s as if the audience are our friends and we’re saying to them: ‘Have a look at this!’”

Do you feel under pressure to bring laughs to the show?

Vic: “Well, I don’t think you try to be funny, because it would come out wrong. You just say what you see.”

You’ve competed on Masterchef and Portrait Painter of the Year. How does this compare?

Vic: “This is a lot bigger, and the pace is quicker. I know what it’s like to have someone stood over your shoulder watching you painting, and these people are creating great big things!”

If you and co-host Nastasia competed as a team, how would you get on?

Vic: “We’d probably start off being equal, and then I’d take charge. ‘Go over there and get that wheelbarrow!’”

Is it strange to think that, as it’s on Netflix, this will have a global audience?

Vic: “It is amazing that this will be seen in places like Greenland and Tonga! That can make you a bit conscious of saying certain things, because you think: ‘Well, that's a colloquialism – will everyone understand it?’”

What do you hope people will take away from the show?

Vic: “We need more art in the world, and this is just another branch. I think it’s going to really get the whole world in a different mindset of thinking: ‘I can do something!’”

The Big Flower Fight is available on Netflix from 18 May