Virgin River fans blast Dr Cameron as he threatens Mel and Jack's relationship

Dr Cameron Hayek in Virgin River
Virgin River season 4 watchers were immediately suspicious of Dr Cameron Hayek. (Image credit: Netflix)

Virgin River season 4 viewers have been in uproar over newcomer Dr Cameron Hayek (Mark Ghanimé) as they think that he is trying to ruin fan-favorite couple Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson).

The suave new doctor’s arrival had the Virgin River season 4 residents drooling and he instantly struck up a friendship with Mel at the doctor’s practice.

In the first episode, the women teased Mel that Jack has "competition" after bombarding her with questions about the dreamy doctor.

It wasn’t long before women swarmed the doctor’s office to meet him, to which Mel clarified to a baffled Cameron that they were there because “you’re new, you’re young, you’re nice looking.”

Later on, Cameron asked Mel what the high point of her day was and when she asked him his, he said: “When you said I was attractive.”

Mel was taken aback by his comment and with this sly flirting, fans became suspicious that Cameron had started to develop a crush on her.

Mel and Cameron laughing

Cameron flirted with his co-worker Mel. (Image credit: ITV)

Later on in the series, Mel and Cameron went out for lunch where he confessed that he cared about her and warned her about Jack’s drinking. In other words, he suggested that she can do better, but she quickly shut down the conversation. 

After the tense chat, Cameron suggested that he leaves town and the practice, however, Mel insisted that he stayed and that everything will be fine between them.

Although there’s not an obvious storyline where Cameron is pining for Mel, it did get to the point where Jack even noticed his attraction to Mel when he met him for the first time and was suspicious of his intentions.

With Cameron seemingly catching feelings for Mel, will he make them known in season 5?

Fans were less than happy with Cameron trying to break up Mel and Jack and slammed him for going after someone in a relationship…

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Virgin River season 4 is available to watch on Netflix now.

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