What original shows are on Peacock?

Brave New World

Source: Peacock/NBCUniversal Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" becomes a new original series on Peacock when it launches on July 15. (Image credit: Peacock/NBCUniversal)

Peacock — the streaming service from NBCUniversal — launches nationwide on July 15. And with it will come a slew of new original shows.

Today we're getting our first look at each of them, with the release of trailers.

Peacock will have three tiers available at launch. The free version will get you about 7500 hours of content from NBCUniversal, with advertising. A mere $4.99 a month opens up Peacock Premium, which doubles the amount of content. (As the platform matures, not every original will be available on the free tier.) And for an extra $5 a month you can get rid of most advertising.

Brave New World

This is the TV take on the classic dystopian novel from Aldous Huxley. Everything is perfect, except that it's not. It's not perfect at all.

The Capture

A woman's gone missing and a decorated soldier is named as the suspect. But in a world when everything is recorded by nothing is for certain — do they have the right man?


David Schwimmer is an NSA officer working with the British GCHQ. Just let that sentence sink in for a minute.

Psych 2: Lassie Come Home

The boys are back. Again. And they're exactly as grown up as they were the last time.

In Deep with Ryan Lochte

The Olympic star has been at the pinnacle of his sport — until it all came crashing down. This is about the rebuilding process.

Lost Speedways with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The retired NASCAR driver takes us on a tour of the old racetracks that made the sport — and his family — what it is today.

Curious George

The curious little monkey (and his excellent Dr. John-led theme song!) is back — and causing all kinds of trouble.

Cleopatra in Space

The ancient princess is transported to the future in this animated original.

Where's Waldo?

He's right there. You can't see him? Mysteries and world travel make up this new version of the old kids character.