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What's on TV for Saturday, November 7

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College football returns tonight with Clemson taking on Notre Dame tonight live from Notre Dame Stadium. The 2020 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is on HBO tonight,  and Netflix is dropping a new series based on country singer Coffey Anderson.

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College Football

Want to watch some college football tonight? Clemson is taking on Notre Dame tonight live from Notre Dame Stadium. the Fighting Irish are currently ranked #1 in the Atlantic Coast.

Watch at 7pm EST on NBC

2020 Rock & Roll Hall of Frame Induction Ceremony

The 35th annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is tonight. The gala tonight will honor a number of musicians including Depeche Mode, the Doobie Brothers, Whitney Houston, Nine Inch Nails, The Notorious B.I.G. and T. Rex.

Watch at 8pm EST on HBO

Doomsday Caught on Camera

Discovery is airing a number of episodes of Doomsday Caught on Camera episodes tonight. Things kick off at 8pm with the story of a father and son trying to survive a wildfire as well as a wedding that gets crashed by a typhoon in the Philippines. At 9pm the show takes on a mudslide and tornado, and at 10pm a kayaking trip turns deadly when an exploding glacier sends pieces of ice flying into the air.

Watch starting at 8pm EST on Discovery

Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom  - “The Big Egg Switcheroo”

Big sisters reign supreme in Disney’s Animal Kingdom! On the savanna, teenage African elephant Nadirah is a great babysitter for her little sister, Stella, but her skittishness remains a major growing pain. Animal care experts Erin and Elizabeth must get creative to help Nadirah face her fear and cross a bridge that connects two parts of the elephant habitat. Meanwhile, endangered vultures Carri and Bones try to fill their nest, but when the lovebirds can’t agree on the best way to build a home, animal keeper Tricia steps in to assist.

Watch anytime on Disney+

FOX PBC Fight Night

Luis Ortiz vs. Alexander Flores in a heavyweight bout. Ortiz is ranked 31-2-0, 26 KOs and Flores is ranked 18-2-1, 16 KOs. Tonight's game will be played from the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles.

Watch at 8pm EST on FOX

Country Ever After

Netflix Original Country Ever After drops on the streamer today. The new series follows country singer Coffey Anderson and his hip-hop dancer wife Criscilla as they raise their children and navigate their opposite country vs. city perspectives of life and parenting. They have a large social following with videos reaching more than 50 million people who fall in love with their family.

Watch anytime on Netflix

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