What's on TV for Saturday, September 12

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The Stanley Cup Playoffs are heating up tonight with Game 4 between the Las Vegas Knights and Dallas Stars.

Home improvement fans have a new HGTV show to watch tonight, Help! I Wrecked My House, that follows homeowners who have gotten in over their heads with home improvement projects. Tonight there’s also a new episode of Say Yes to the Dress as well as a recap episode of Love Island with some boys content that didn’t make it into the show this week.

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Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Last Vegas Golden Knights take on the Dallas Stars tonight in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The two teams kicked off the series with a win each, so it's really anyone's game tonight, and still anyone's series.

Watch at 8pm EDT on NBC

Love Island: More to Love

Love Island fans don't want to miss tonight's new episode. Like other Saturday episodes of the show, it offers a look at the best moments for the past week as well as previously unseen footage, commentary, and interviews.

Watch at 9pm on CBS

Help! I Wrecked My House

Doing home improvements yourself can be a great way to save a little cash, but what do you do when those home improvement projects get too overwhelming to handle. The new HGTV show Help! I Wrecked My House follows homeowners who may have gotten in a bit over their heads with improvements. In tonight’s episode,  a couple set out to create their dream home, but their skill level ran out and they have a million projects they can't finish. Jasmine steps in to turn their half-finished kitchen, bathroom and backyard into spaces where the family can relax and connect.

Watch at 8pm EDT on HGTV

Say Yes to the Dress

On tonight's Say Yes to the Dress, Alex searches for a sexy and sparkly Pnina. Meanwhile, Jaqueline wants something unique, and Emily needs her dress urgently cleaned! It's bound to be a fun one to watch, complete with at least a little drama.

Watch at 8pm EDT on TLC

I Quit

Thinking about joining the startup life? With $100k on the line, the entrepreneurs aim to prove that they can grow their businesses. But, disagreements between partners explode, leading to frayed relationships, risky investments, and shattered expectations.

Watch at 10pm EDT Discovery

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