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What's on TV for Wednesday, November 18

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While across the country people are being encouraged to mask up, two more singers will be unmasked tonight on The Masked Singer. The second episode of Chicago Med for the season airs tonight and The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse premieres today on Disney+.

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The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer continues tonight with the remaining singers from Group B performing for a chance to advance in the competition. Four singers are performing tonight, but only two of them will advance to the “Super Six,” while the remaining two will be unmasked.

Watch at 8pm EST on FOX

Chicago Med

The newest season of Chicago Med continues tonight with episode 2. Tonight Goodwin announces a new Ed Chief, but it’s a choice that everyone isn’t exactly happy about. Dr. Manning takes a stand for her patient and finds herself dealing with the repercussions. Dr. Charles tends to family affairs.

Watch at 8pm EST on NBC

The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse Premiere (Mickey Mouse's Birthday) — "Supermarket Scramble”

Mickey and his friends’ plans for a barbecue get sidetracked after a quick trip to the supermarket turns into an odyssey. “Cheesewranglers” Mickey Mouse attempts to wrangle a prized herd across the stunning vistas of the Big Thunder Valley, but Peg-Leg Pete stands in his way.

Watch anytime on Disney+

American Housewife

American Housewife continues tonight with episode 3 of the newest season. Tonight Katie discovers that Taylor’s boyfriend has been spending the night without her knowledge. Oliver is spending more time at the office, and Anna-Kat and Franklin both come down with mono.

Watch at 8:30pm EST on ABC

No Man’s Land: Complete Season 1

No Man’s Land dives into the depths of the Syrian civil war through the eyes of Antoine, a young French man in search of his estranged, presumed to be dead sister. While unraveling the mystery, piece by piece, Antoine ends up joining forces with a unit of Kurdish female fighters, fierce women and ISIS’ biggest nightmare, and travels with them in ISIS occupied territory. Antoine’s journey crosses paths with adventurers and anarchists, spies and innocent victims, and provides a unique look at the tragic events in Syria, and the way they affect the entire world.

Watch anytime on Hulu

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee is once again taking on the world’s biggest political and cultural issues on her talk show tonight. On last week’s show Biden has just been announced as the winner of the presidential election; however, a lot has happened since then, which means she’s bound to have a lot to talk about.

Watch at 10:30pm EST on TBS

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