Where to buy a Roku


So you've decided to snag yourself a Roku. Good choice. (And hopefully you've opted for a Roku Ultra , right?)

The next question is where you should buy the thing. You've got options. While we're always fans of shopping locally, it's also easy enough to pick up a Roku on Amazon. (And if you've got some store credit laying around, now's a great time to use it, right?)

Prices can vary a little bit. Amazon often undercuts the retail, so we'd start there. But Roku's own site is a perfectly good place to purchase as well.

As a reminder, retail prices are $99 for Roku Ultra, $69 for Roku Streaming Stick+, $49 for the regular Streaming Stick, $35 for Roku Express+, and $29 for Roku Express.

Here's where to buy: