Will I get HBO Max for free?


Source: CordCutters (Image credit: CordCutters)

Best answer: If you currently get HBO through an AT&T video service, or if you're an HBO Now subscriber, you'll get HBO Max for free.

  • The service: HBO Max (opens in new tab) ($15/month (or not) at HBO)

HBO Max is free for some, and not for others

There are a lot of folks who will get to watch HBO Max for free. That's due to the fact that HBO's parent company is WarnerMedia, whose parent company is AT&T. And AT&T has a lot of customers.

And we're not just talking about AT&T Wireless here, which has reaped the benefits of free video before. When it comes to HBO Max , a lot more people who already shell out money to AT&T every month will have free access to HBO Max.

Here's how it breaks down:

  • If you have DirecTV Premier or Lo Maximo.
  • If you have U-Verse U400, U450 or U450 Latino.
  • If you have AT&T TV Choice, Xtra, Ultra or Optimo Mas plans. (Same for AT&T TV Now.)
  • If you have DirecTV Choice, Xtra, Ultimate, Mas Ultra or Optimo Mas packages. (But you only get a year for free.)
  • Other plans may get HBO Max free for one month.
  • If you have the AT&T Unlimited Elite wireless plan. (Other plans may get HBO Max free for one month.)
  • If you're a current subscriber of HBO Now and pay directly through HBO.

Do note that last bullet point. If you currently pay for HBO through a third-party service like Hulu or Apple TV, you won't automatically get HBO Max. In that case, you'll want to cancel that subscription and instead sign up for HBO Max — which will get you exactly the same content. (HBO Max comprises, among other things, the legacy HBO service.)

Additionally, it's possible that WarnerMedia will strike deals with cable companies, like it's done to bring HBO Max to current customers of HBO on Charter , free of charge.

Or if none of the above applies, you'll want to switch from HBO to HBO Max, which costs exactly the same and includes all of the legacy HBO content.