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Will new mystery-drama The Cry starring Jenna Coleman take Sunday nights by storm?

The Cry, Jenna Coleman

Over 10 million viewers switched on for BBC One's Sunday night drama The Bodyguard. Can The Cry, starring Jenna Coleman, repeat that success?

What are over 10 million viewers going to watch and talk about, now BBC One's hit Sunday night drama The Bodyguard has finished?

The Cry, a four-part mystery-drama, fills the same Sunday night slot this weekend. Jenna Coleman, of ITV's Victoria stars. Plus the series is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Helen Fitzgerald. So far, so good...

"I've never done a psychological thriller before but the way the script was tuned, I was really turning the page," says Jenna in an interview with Harper's Bazaar. "I didn't know what was coming next, and I've read scripts before that are a bit more predictable - but I thought the thriller aspect was so well done."

The Cry, Jenna Coleman

Jenna Coleman stars as troubled mum Joanna in The Cry (Picture: BBC)

The series, which was filmed in both Scotland and Australia, follows couple Joanna and Alistair, who are thrown into the media spotlight when their baby son Noah goes missing during a visit to smalltown Australia.

But since Joanna is seen to be battling postnatal depression, she soon finds herself a suspect in the disappearance of her own son.

"I've never seen motherhood explored quite like this before on camera," adds Jenna, who has recently been busy filming Series 3 of Victoria. "It's a lot of what people don't really talk about – that it can be very isolating, and you can lose your identity, and feel incredibly alone."

The Cry, Jenna Coleman

Joanna is a mum struggling with post-natal depression (Picture: BBC)

The cast of The Cry also includes The House of Eliott and Holby City's Stella Gonet and Australian actors Ewen Leslie, Asher Keddie and Alex Dimitriades.

The Cry starts on Sunday 30th September at 9:00pm on BBC One