Witness Number 3 fans have 'bad guy' cop theory

Nina Toussaint-White in Witness Number 3
(Image credit: Channel 5)

Witness Number 3 has kicked off on Channel 5, with viewers tuning in to the gripping new crime drama. We're only one episode in, but fans are already suspicious about a particular character.

In the first episode of Witness Number 3, we follow single mum and salon owner Jodie Packer (Nina Toussaint-White), whose life is turned upside down when she’s targeted by a violent gang after she witnesses a murderer and his victim moments before the killing took place.

Jodie heads to the station in the early moments of episode one, where she goes over her statement with a police officer and learns her name and address have been removed. She asks why, but is dismissed and told the process is "very common" and she's simply known as "Witness Number 3".

She tries to continue on with her day job as normal, running her salon and being a mother to her son, but her life is soon in danger after the gang launches a terrifying campaign of intimidation against her for going to the police.

But crime fans are already convinced that PC Ivan Barkas (Sion Daniel Young) is just as untrustworthy as the gang targeting Jodie, with many taking to Twitter to air their suspicions about the character, suggesting he's somehow involved in all this.

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Viewers are definitely not trusting Ivan, and there are a few red flags that have caused them to be suspicious of the police officer. First of all, he has been trying to persuade her not to sign, and some TV fans are convinced he has an "obsession" with her after he points out the fact she has cut her hair and taken her nose ring out.

In an interview with What to Watch, star Nina Toussaint-White told us that everyone's under suspicion in this series, teasing: "I think you’re right to be suspicious of everyone. Jodie’s sent on this paranoia whirlwind. She’s always looking over her shoulder and she pushes away those that she loves, and, as a viewer, you’re taken on that journey with her. 

"Loads of things unfold, but it’s about Jodie’s strength and determination to save her family as well as her community."

Witness Number 3 continues on Channel 5 at 9pm on Tuesday, July 19. Episodes are available on demand via My5.

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