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You should know that the underrated 'Urban Legend' has landed on Shudder

The 'Urban Legends' poster.
The 'Urban Legends' poster. (Image credit: Sony Pictures)

If you're a part of the horror community, you may or may not have heard a dedicated set of fans telling you that Urban Legend is low-key underrated and high-key great. If you're not a member of the horror community, you'll just have to take that last sentence at face value, because it's true. 

The late-90s slasher, starring Robert England, Alicia Witt, Rebecca Gayheart, Jared Leto and more, is available on the horror streamer Shudder as of today. If you've never heard of the service but you enjoy horror even a little bit, it's most certainly worth your dollars. Monthly plans are as low as $5.99, with a cheaper annual plan at only $56.99 a year (that's just $4.74 a month for those who don't feel like whipping out their calculators). 

As you may have surmised, the film's cult following has only grown over the past several decades. What's not to love about a film concept that posits that urban legends only exist as secret moral lessons? 

Check out Shudder's full synopsis of the film:
Dr. Wexler (Robert Englund), professor of American Folklore at New England's Pendleton College, states that urban legends exist only to convey hidden moral lessons for all who hear them. But the students at New England's Pendleton College are finding out just how fatal these stories can really be. When a series of murders occurs among Pendleton's faculty and student body, Natalie (Alicia Witt), a young, bright student, begins to notice a bizarre link between the killings.

Take some time this afternoon and give yourself a well-earned distraction, if only to giggle at post-Charlie-pre-Peter Bishop Joshua Jackson in a goofy, but still more solid than folks gave it credit for at the time, horror flick.

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