'EastEnders' spoilers: Nancy Carter is cruelly dumped!

Nancy Carter talks to Zack Hudson in EastEnders
Nancy Carter can't understand why Zack Hudson is giving her the push. (Image credit: BBC)

Nancy Carter is cruelly dumped by Zack Hudson in Monday's episode of EastEnders (at the later time of 9:05 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Nancy Carter has had Zack Hudson round but she doesn't want her family to know about it. After they both accidentally fall asleep, Nancy wakes in a panic to find him still there. Managing to get him out of the house before anyone sees him, she then bumps into dad Mick Carter and sister Frankie Lewis, who have both got up early.

Nancy fears that she hasn't got away with her secret hook up with Zack after all, as Mick is suspicious. He confronts her and Frankie and asks if one of them has been sneaking around.

It looks like Mick has sussed what's been going on, as he storms into the gym and tells Zack he needs to end things with his daughter - NOW!

With the truth uncovered, Zack then confesses to sister Sharon Beale that he was involved in Nancy's hit-and-run. Struggling to do the right thing now that he's started to fall for Nancy, he reluctantly tells Nancy he can't see her again. Nancy is heartbroken and cries on Mick's shoulder, while Mick hides his guilt over forcing Zack to break up with her.

Bernadette Taylor goes to the gym in EastEnders

Bernadette Taylor continues to push herself physically despite her pregnancy. (Image credit: BBC)

Bernadette Taylor is not ready to make up with her mum Karen Taylor, who is feeling bad about the way she reacted to Bernie's surrogacy news. When Karen tries to hold out an olive branch, Bernadette snaps at her, telling her that daughter-in-law Tiffany Butcher-Baker spent a fortune on fillers.

Karen is taken aback by Bernadette's news, and brother Keegan Butcher-Baker is upset that she's told Karen what his wife's been up to. He's still fuming with Tiff, who reveals that she's trying to earn some extra cash to make up for it. Tiff asks if they can move on, but Keegan is still stewing about it.

Later, Rainie Highway is out with mother-in-law Vi Highway when they spot Bernadette. Vi comments that Bernadette isn't looking well but they don't realise that she's still taking diet pills. Feeling emotional about losing baby Abi Branning after her dad Max Branning took her away, Rainie is pinning her hopes on the surrogacy. Not realising what Bernie's been spending her money on, she hands her some more cash.

Karen is determined to repair her fractured family and she arranges a big family lunch. Bernie and Keegan make up and Keegan explains he only told Karen about the surrogacy because he was worried about her. Bernie's grateful for her brother's support but she is full of guilt over secretly taking the diet pills.

Ruby Fowler bumps into Jean Slater in EastEnders

Ruby Fowler faces going to the hospital alone but can Jean Slater help? (Image credit: BBC)

Ruby Fowler prepares for her procedure to help with her fertility. When her husband Martin Fowler's daughter Lily Slater reminds them that she has a dental appointment, Ruby reassures Martin that she can go to the hospital alone as he needs to prioritise Lily.

When Jean Slater bumps into Ruby and finds out about her operation she insists on going with her for support. After the procedure is done, Martin is grateful to Jean for being there for Ruby.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday 9:00 pm and will air just after 9:00 pm for the duration of the Olympics. All of this week's episodes will be available to watch on iPlayer from Monday 26 July.

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