'EastEnders' spoilers: Tiffany Butcher Baker buys a pregnancy test!

Tiffany Butcher Baker talks to Bernie Taylor in EastEnders
Tiffany Butcher Baker is asked by Bernadette Taylor for some more diet pills. (Image credit: BBC)

Tiffany Butcher Baker stuns her husband Keegan Butcher Baker when he finds her with a pregnancy test in Monday's episode of EastEnders (8:05 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Tiffany Butcher Baker is uncomfortable when her friend Bernadette Taylor asks her for a new supply of diet pills. She warns Bernie that the pills can be dangerous, especially if she's pregnant. When Bernadette pleads for the pills, Tiff agrees, as long as she takes a pregnancy test first to see if the surrogacy insemination has worked.

Tiff heads off to buy the pregnancy test for Bernadette. When Rainie Highway sees the girls, she's excited at the prospect of the surrogacy and insists she's going to be there when Bernie takes the test.

Keegan Butcher-Baker talks to mum Karen Taylor in EastEnders

Keegan Butcher-Baker has won an award for his street food stall. (Image credit: BBC)

While Tiffany is in the shop buying the test, her husband Keegan Butcher Baker is chatting to a journalist about reaching the final three of the Walford's Best Street Food competition. He spots her picking up the test and assumes it's for her!

Tiff takes the test back for Bernie and Keegan bursts in, wanting to know if Tiff's got any big news for him. There's an awkward moment as the girls stare at Keegan and Bernie eventually confesses that the test is for her...

Callum Highway in EastEnders

Callum Highway has been keeping a LOT of secrets from hubby Ben Mitchell since their marriage! (Image credit: BBC)

Callum Highway is lost in thought as he stares at a piece of paper with the details of Simon Atmore - the man who killed Ben Mitchell's former love Paul Coker. Intending to pass the details on to Ben, when he realises that his husband is a bit edgy, he decides to keep the details to himself for now.

Later, Ben rummages through Callum's things, only to find the piece of paper. When Callum arrives home he discovers that Ben has arranged to meet up with Simon. Pleading with Ben not to do anything stupid, Callum is alarmed when it's clear that Ben is hell bent on revenge...

Isaac Baptiste has a breakdown in EastEnders

Isaac Baptiste was sectioned after he came off his medication. (Image credit: BBC)

Lola Pearce makes a playlist for boyfriend Isaac Baptiste, that she can pass on to him when she visits him in the mental health unit. Even though Isaac's mum Sheree Trueman has insisted that Lola stay away from her son, his dad Patrick Trueman thinks it will help Isaac's recovery if Lola visits him.

When Lola turns up at the unit, she finds Sheree, who has just been told by Isaac's mental health nurse Rafe that her son doesn't want to see her. Lola, however, manages to see Isaac, but she's left heartbroken when he accuses her of breaking her promise to make sure he didn't get hurt.

Suki Panesar grieving in EastEnders

Suki Panesar has been punishing herself for her son Jags' death. (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Honey Mitchell is concerned when Suki Panesar comes into the shop and almost faints in the stock room. Having once suffered from an eating disorder herself, Honey is worried that Suki has stopped eating as a way of punishing herself over her son Jags Panesar's death.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7:25 pm. All of this week's episodes are available on iPlayer from Monday 19 July 2021.

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