Alex Rider season 2: release date, plot and everything we know

Otto Farrant as Alex Rider
Otto Farrant will reprise his as Alex Rider in season 2. (Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Alex Rider season 2 follows on from a successful first instalment on Amazon Prime Video. The series is based on the novels by Anthony Horowitz and follows the titular character Alex, a teenager who has unknowingly been trained since childhood to prepare him for life as a spy. 

In an interview with Assignment X, Anthony revealed he was pleased that the novels were adapted into a TV series and not a film, explaining: "having eight hours in which to tell our story allows us to look much more deeply at Alex and his world, and to do more things."

The first season saw Alex recruited into a division of MI6, but there was plenty of twists and turns to be had. It's revealed that his uncle and guardian (who was also a spy) was killed, and MI6 covered up his murder. Once they realise he's onto him, MI6 coerce Alex into working for them and he's soon infiltrating a school that has a connection to his uncle's death. Not your average day in the life of a teenager!

With season 2 on the way, here's everything we know so far...

Alex Rider season 2 release date

Alex Rider season 2 arrives on Prime Video's IMDb TV streaming service on Dec 3. The service is available for free via Amazon's website, and users don't have to pay anything because it's supported by adverts.

There will be eight episodes of the new season, so plenty for fans to enjoy once it arrives. Of course, the first season is already on there if you need a recap.

What is the plot of Alex Rider season 2?

The second season is based on the book Eagle Strike, and picks up after the traumatic events of Point Blanc, with Alex desperately wanting to return to normal life. But that's not possible after more suspicious connections to his uncle are revealed, when his friend Sabina’s father is attacked by Yassen Gregorovich, a man who could be involved in Alex's uncle's death.

This scary revelation forces Alex back into the dark, dangerous world of espionage, where he enlists the help of his guardian Jack and trusted friend Tom, to help him unravel a sinister political plot with global repercussions. 

Who is in the cast of Alex Rider season 2?

Otto Farrant is back as the lead role of Alex Rider, and he's not the only one returning. Line of Duty star Vicky McClure will also be back as Mrs Jones. Meanwhile, Lost in Space's Toby Stephens will play tech billionaire Damian Cray.

New arrivals to the series include Brenock O’Connor as Tom Harris, Ronkẹ Adékoluẹjo as Jack Starbright, Marli Siu as Kyra, Rakie Ayola as Jo Byrne, and Charithra Chandran as Alex's new friend Sabina Pleasance.

Is there a trailer?

Yes! A trailer for Alex Rider season 2 has landed, and it looks like it's set to be as action-packed as ever. We see Alex in trouble at school for being absent and not turning in homework, but that's the least of his concerns as he can't really explain to his teachers where he's actually been...

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