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'Attenborough’s Wonder of Song'— release date, premise, animals, and everything we know

Attenborough's Wonder of Song
(Image credit: BBC / Mike Birkhead Associates / George Woodcock)

Attenborough’s Wonder of Song is one of two Sir David Attenborough films that will be airing over the Christmas TV period, alongside Attenborough And The Mammoth Graveyard.

In Attenborough’s Wonder of Song, Sir David will be choosing his favorite recordings from the natural world, all recorded during his lifetime, that have advanced our understanding of song.

Here’s everything we know about Attenborough’s Wonder of Song

'Attenborough’s Wonder of Song' release date

Attenborough’s Wonder of Song will air Monday, Jan. 3 at 6.30pm on BBC1. It will also be available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

What will 'Attenborough’s Wonder of Song' be about? 

The recordings he chooses range from the song of the largest lemur, to the humpback whale, and the lyrebird — all of which have been recorded in his lifetime. The oldest was recorded when he was just five and the most recent was from a few years ago.

One has also been recorded by himself, while on his global travels. “There are seven recordings of song that have particular interest for me,” he said. “Some are lovely, some are surprising and one almost broke my heart. But all of them broke new ground.”

Sir David reveals new science that challenges the long-held theory that female birds don’t sing and it’s only now that the female species are being properly heard, which is a revelation in the world of birdsong.

But what else will he discover about the world of song? Although they may sound harmonious to our ears, these sounds in fact serve a huge purpose — they're essential survival strategies that animals have learned in order to stay alive. “That is why I will never cease to wonder at the beautiful sounds we call song," Sir David said.

Is there a trailer?

There’s currently no trailer out of this documentary yet, but keep an eye on this guide to see when one has been released.

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