'Bloods' season 1 on Hulu and Sky — release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything you need to know

Bloods: Wendy (Jane Horrocks) and Maleek (Samson Kayo) in uniform outside an ambulance. Wendy is leaning on Maleek's shoulder.
Bloods stars Jane Horrocks and Samson Kayo as mismatched paramedics. (Image credit: Sky)

Bloods is a riotous medical comedy currently on Sky Box Sets/NOW and also coming to Hulu in the US in December 2021. Co-created by star Samson Kayo, it follows the misadventures of streetwise paramedic Maleek when he teams up with chirpy new partner Wendy. They might not seem well-matched on paper, but the two soon become a partnership to be reckoned with — and maybe they'll even learn a few things from each other.

Here's everything you need to know about Bloods...

'Bloods' release date

Bloods launched on Sky back in the UK in May 2021 and all six episodes are available on Sky Box Sets and NOW. Bloods also launches in the US, on Hulu, from Thursday Dec. 9 2021, so American audiences can enjoy the fun too. 

Who stars in 'Bloods'?

Famalam and Truth Seekers star Samson Kayo plays Maleek, a headstrong paramedic with swagger to spare, who hasn't quite worked out that not everyone rates him as highly as he rates himself. Ab Fab's Jane Horrocks plays his partner Wendy, an upbeat divorcee from Nottingham who's recently moved to London in search of a fresh start. 

"They're a very unlikely pairing — and I think unlikely pairings are interesting," says Jane. "I like the character because she's an eternal optimist. She's actually broken free from a rather dull life, so she's a brave character — she's got the bravery to come to London, and she sees the best in people. She wants to have fun, get along with people and offer her advice about being happier!"

Motherland's Lucy Punch plays their boss Jo, who's ex-Army and unfailingly professional, but struggles with the side of her job that requires her to handle her staff with empathy and delicacy. She also has a fairly obvious crush on Lawrence, played by The Mighty Boosh's Julian Barratt, a motorcycle paramedic whose wife died 10 years ago, and who finds that the traumatic nature of his job constantly reminds him of his loss.

Bloods: Julian Barratt as the haunted-looking Lawrence and Lucy Punch as officious Jo

Bloods stars Julian Barrett as Lawrence and Lucy Punch as Jo (Image credit: Sky)

Killing Eve's Adrian Scarborough plays Gary, the longest-serving paramedic in the station whose easygoing nature and obsession with detail is a constant frustration to his latest partner, the hugely ambitious Kareshma, played by Aasiya Shah. Completing the line-up of regulars are Sam Campbell and Kevin 'KG' Garry as Darrell and Darryl, a paramedic pairing who are so in sync with each other that it's almost scary.

What is the plot of 'Bloods'?

The story begins on a rainy night when Maleek is on a call-out with his partner Kevin (Ghosts star Kiell Smith-Bynoe). Thanks to Maleek's overenthusiasm with the defibrillator, Kevin ends up incapacitated and needing to take some leave — as well as requesting a new partner.

Despite Maleek's insistence to Jo that he can do the job by himself, she insists on giving him a new partner (after all, she points out, it's quite difficult to carry a stretcher by yourself). Enter Wendy, who's new to London and very excited to be working with Maleek. Maleek, on the other hand, is not so keen on her.

Nonetheless, he decides to take it upon himself to mentor Wendy in what it means to be a paramedic in the capital — but Wendy turns out to be more savvy than Maleek initially gave her credit for, and it seems there might be a few things that she can teach him too...

'Bloods' season 2 is on its way

It's just been announced by Sky that Bloods season 2 is going into production, and again starring Samson Kayo and Jane Horrocks. The 10-episode season will air on Sky Comedy and streaming service NOW in two viewing drops coming in 2022. We also think it likely to arrive on Hulu in the USA shortly afterwards.

Samson Kayo says: “I’m so excited the Bloods team are back together again for this new bigger and bolder series. With ten episodes, there is going to be loads more laughs, friendship and fun for fans to enjoy. Maleek is reunited with his miss-matched paramedic partner Wendy and he can’t wait to hit the roads again in their ambulance! 

Jane Horrocks adds: “I am very much looking forward to getting back to Bloods for series 2. The scripts are already banging and Wendy is getting more naughty!” 

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