Fatal Attraction on Paramount Plus — release date, cast, plot and all about the TV series

Fatal Attraction has now been reimagined for Paramount Plus in 2023.
Fatal Attraction has now been reimagined for Paramount Plus in 2023. (Image credit: Paramount Plus)

The hit 1987 movie Fatal Attraction, starring Glenn Close and Michael Douglas, gave rise to the phrase ‘bunny boiler’ as it saw obsessed Alex Forrest stew her lover’s family pet, and it left legions of men fearing their pasts would come back to haunt them. But a new eight-parter series on Paramount Plus takes a different look at the classic story, delving into Alex’s psyche and examining her past rather than painting her as the villain.

The series stars Lizzy Caplan as Alex Forrest while Joshua Jackson plays Dan Gallagher, the man with whom she has a steamy affair. Amanda Peet will play Beth, Dan’s wife (played by Anne Archer in the movie), who inadvertently gets caught in the love triangle. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Fatal Attraction series on Paramount Plus…

The 1987 movie Fatal Attraction with Glenn Close, Michael Douglas and Anne Archer.

The 1987 movie Fatal Attraction with Glenn Close, Michael Douglas and Anne Archer. (Image credit: Paramount Picutres)

Fatal Attraction release date on Paramount Plus

Fatal Attraction the series premieres on Paramount Plus with two episodes released in the US and Canada on Sunday, April 30 2023. The remaining six episodes will be available weekly on Sundays. 
In the UK and the rest of the world you can watch the first two episodes on Monday, May 1 with the rest released weekly on Mondays. 

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Is there a trailer for Fatal Attraction on Paramount Plus?

There's no Fatal Attraction trailer released by Paramount at the moment. If a trailer is released we’ll post it here. 

Fatal Attraction series on Paramount Plus plot

In contrast to the original Fatal Attraction movie, which focused on Dan’s point of view after he became the centre of a woman’s obsession after a brief affair, this Paramount Plus series takes a deep dive into Alex’s life, shining a different and more modern light on the tale of marriage and infidelity. It promises to focus on ‘strong woman, personality disorders and coercive control’. 

Showrunner Alexander Cunningham says: “I wanted us to go in a slightly different direction. This reimagining of Fatal Attraction shared a lot with the iconic original film, but it also is about entitlement, midlife crisis, and how some of the sausage gets made in our broken justice system, personality disorders, isolation, father and daughters and murder. It's about how some people just can't take a win. It's about self-image and what we'll do to protect it. And also what happens when someone doesn't have one. And if we've done our job, I think that your sympathies will shift more than once."

Fatal Attraction series cast — Lizzy Caplan as Alex Forrest

Lizzy Caplan stars as Alex Forrest, a woman who refuses to be ignored after an affair with a married man. She played Libby in the series Fleishman Is In Trouble and Reagan in Inside Job. She’s also starred in Truth Be Told, Castle Rock, Das Boot, Extinction, Mean Girls and Masters of Sex.

Lizzy Caplan as Alex Forrest who has a Fatal Attraction to Dan Gallagher (Joshua Jackson).

Lizzy Caplan as Alex Forrest who has a Fatal Attraction to Dan Gallagher (Joshua Jackson). (Image credit: Paramount Plus)

Joshua Jackson as Dan Gallagher

Joshua Jackson plays cheating husband Dan Gallagher. He first won our hearts as Pacey in Dawson’s Creek, which ran from 1998 to 2003. He’s since been in The Affair, Fringe, Dr Death, Little Fires Everywhere, Cruel Intentions and When They See Us.

Amanda Peet as Beth Gallagher

Amanda Peet plays wronged wife Beth Gallagher, whose life unravels after her husband has an affair. She’s been in the series The Romanoffs, The Good Wife, Dirty Jon and Togetherness. She’s also starred in Brockmire, Identity Thief, Bent and Gulliver’s Travels

Amanda Peet as wronged wife Beth Gallagher.

Amanda Peet as wronged wife Beth Gallagher. (Image credit: Paramount Plus)

Who else is starring in Fatal Attraction on Paramount Plus? 

Fatal Attraction also stars Burt Bulos (Days of our Lives), Vanessa Martinez (Dirty John), Gary Perez (13 Reasons Why) and Tiago Roberts (The Rookie). Theo Wilson, Jesse Mackey, Anthony L. Fernandez and Michelle Twarowska round out the cast. 

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