Das Boot season 3 — release date, cast, plot, trailer, episode guide, first looks, and everything we know

Das Boot season 3 on Sky Atlantic sees the battle for Atlantic take a new twist.
Das Boot season 3 on Sky Atlantic sees the battle for Atlantic take a new twist. (Image credit: SKy)

All aboard for Das Boot season 3, where submarine warfare in the Atlantic is just as deadly and intriguing as ever while World War Two rages on. It's all very high stakes again as the hit German-language drama (with smattering of English too) returns.

Filmed in Prague and Malta in 2021, this third season again features regulars such as Tom Wlaschiha, Franz Dinda, Rick Okon, Pierre Kiwitt, Leonard Scheicher, and Robert Stadlober, while there are new additions to the cast too including British stars Ray Stevenson and Jo Hartley.

So here's everything you need to know about Das Boot season 3...

There are treacherous times for the German U-Boat crew in Das Boot 3.

There are treacherous times for the German U-Boat crew in Das Boot series 3. (Image credit: Sky)

Das Boot season 3 release date

Das Boot season 3 arrives on Sky Atlantic on Sunday May 15 at 9pm, 2022. Das Boot season 3 will be available from then in most Sky markets including UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria & Switzerland. NBCUniversal Global Distribution will handle international sales of the series on behalf of Sky Studios. As for the US and international air dates and other channels for Das Boot series 3, we'll update when we hear.

Is there a Das Boot season 3 trailer?

Yes you can take a look at the action in Das Boot season 3 in this recently released trailer...

Das Boot season 3 plot

In Das Boot season 3, the young German U-Boat crew, under the command of Robert Ehrenberg (Franz Dinda), are in very dangerous waters as the British Navy has started to get to grips with the relentless German attacks by using ever more sophisticated sonar technology and depth charges. Despite this new peril, the German sub is sent on a risky mission to the Southern Hemisphere where Ehrenberg gets a shock as he finds redemption through family ties he thought he’d lost forever.

Into the sea battle, however, arrives a new British naval commander, Jack Swinburne, played by Ray Stevenson (Rome, Thor, Black Sails). Formerly a captain in the merchant marine, Swinburne is now in command of HMS Perseverance. After his son dies in a German submarine attack, something shatters inside him and he becomes embittered with deep grief. He then dedicates his life to just one thing — total revenge on the German subs responsible for his family tragedy. He’s certainly up for the ceaseless cat-and mouse chase with Ehrenberg.

As always with Das Boot, the action plays out on land too, in various different locations. So this 10-part series, for the first time, heads to Kiel, the major naval base of the German Reich. There’s big intrigue in neutral Lisbon, where SS commandant Hagen Forster (Tom Wlaschiha) discovers a lethal plot to steal a fortune in plundered wartime gold. This and his recent dark experiences on the Eastern front lead him to question his past actions and moral path. He also meets a shadowy figure from his past, former German U-Boat commander Klaus Hoffmann (Rick Okon) who is caught up in a huge conspiracy. 

Hoffman is a much-changed man after his shattering experiences in the previous two series of Das Boot when he was betrayed by his crew and left for dead, only to be rescued from an American beach at the end of the last season. Could this unlikely duo pair up to do real damage to the Third Reich and possibly change the course of the war?

Klaus Hoffman is back from America.

Season 3 of Das Boot sees Klaus Hoffman back from America. (Image credit: Sky)

German U-Boat commander Robert Ehrenberg heads for the southern hemisphere.

German U-Boat commander Robert Ehrenberg heads for the southern hemisphere in Das Boots series 3. (Image credit: Sky)

The German U-boat crew are ready for their season 3 mission.

The German U-boat crew are ready for their season 3 mission. (Image credit: Sky)

Das Boot season 3 — returning cast

Game of Thrones actor Tom Wlaschiha reprises his role as gestapo officer Hagen Forster while Franz Dinda is back as Robert Ehrenber as is Rick Okon as Klaus Hoffman. Pierre Kiwitt, Leonard Scheicher and Robert Stadlober are also returning to the show. 

Rick Okon as Klaus Hoffman in series 1 of Das Boot.

Rick Okon as Klaus Hoffman in series 1 of Das Boot before the U-Boat captain was betrayed. (Image credit: Sky)

Which new cast are joining season 3 of Das Boot?

In Das Boot season 3 there are plenty of new faces. Look out for After Life star Jo Hartley who plays Daisy Swinburne. She’s also appeared in This Is England, Moving On, The Cleaner and In My Skin, as well as the movies Eddie the Eagle and David Brent: Life on the Road. She’ll be joined by Thor actor Ray Stevenson playing her husband Jack Swinburne. You may recognise Ray from Vikings, Dexter, Waking the Dead and Rome in which he played Titus Pallo. 

German actors Ernst Stötzner, Luise Wolfram, Elisa Schlott and Anna Schudt are also joining the show alongside Joana Ribeiro, Florian Panzner, Artjom Gilz, Fritzi Haberlandt, Johann von Bülow, Trystan Pütter and Franz Hartwig.

Ray Stevenson as Jack Swinburne in Das Boot series 3.

Ray Stevenson as Jack Swinburne in Das Boot series 3. (Image credit: Sky)

Das Boot season 3 episode guide (with spoilers)

Here's our guide to each episode of Das Boot season 3. Each are quite brief but there are a few spoilers to negotiate so please look away if you haven't seen all of them...

Episode 1
In the spring of 1943, commander Robert Ehrenberg is in Kiel preparing submarines for use. Even some minors are recruited as crew. Meanwhile, Wilhelm Hoffmann attends a reception at the request of his son-in-law.

Episode 2
Royal Navy Captain Swinburne travels to Liverpool for his son's funeral. SS officer Forster is investigating the Dorfmann murder in Lisbon. In Kiel, the new sailors of the U-949 get into a fight;

Episode 3
During a test, the U-949 is in danger due to Commander Buchner's orders; Forster finds a lead in a casino and makes the acquaintance of the German Bettina Gruber.

Episode 4
While Jack Swinburne sets sail with a technologically upgraded ship, which is perfect for his revenge mission on German subs. Over in Kiel, Ehrenberg imakes a difficult decision and in Portugal, Forster must get a traitor out of the country.

Episode 5
After Wilhelm Hoffmann found out the truth about his son Klaus, he got into a fight with Hannie. Ehrenberg has to say goodbye to Greta. In Portugal, Forster's hits plenty of snags. 

Episode 6
Jack Swinburne's destroyer sinks two U-boats in the Atlantic, then he goes after U-949. Forster observes a secret meeting between Consul Gruber and the American Gardiner.

Episode 7
U-949 meets a Japanese boat to take on heavy cargo of gold. Wilhelm Hoffmann receives an invitation to Lisbon. Forster tells Klaus Hoffmann under duress what he knows.

Episode 8
After a bomb explodes, Forster and Klaus Hoffmann hide with the Portuguese Ines, while Wilhelm Hoffmann arrives in Lisbon. U-949 is heading towards her new destination.

Episode 9
Klaus Hoffmann pursues the German agent Weiss and discovers valuable information. U-949 is under heavy fire from Swinburne's destroyers, until Commander Buchner dares a wily manoeuvre.

Episode 10
The U-949 reaches Portugal and unloads the gold. When Ehrenberg returns to Kiel, he finds Greta back with her husband. Klaus Hoffmann and Forster achieve their goal through blackmail.

Gestapo officer finds trouble in Lisbon, Portugal.

(Image credit: Sky)

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