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'A Town Called Malice' — cast, plot and everything else about the heady 1980s crime drama

The Jam had a hit with A Town Called Malice in 1982, and this Sky Max drama is named after it.
The Jam had a hit with A Town Called Malice in 1982, and this Sky Max drama is named after it. (Image credit: Getty)

A Town Called Malice is filmed against the backdrop of the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, with a banging 1980s soundtrack and endless romance, violence and high camp, so there promises to be a lot to like for those of us old enough to remember those heady days of the Eighties.

The new eight-part drama A Town Called Malice is coming to Sky Max and takes it title from the early 1980s hit song by The Jam (Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton). It has been created by acclaimed director Nick Love and follows the Lords, a crime family from South London who are furious that they’ve fallen to the bottom of the criminal food chain. They’re hoping a move to Spain will allow them to reinvent themselves and re-capture their former glory but some very large obstacles end up getting in the way. 

Gabriel Silver, Director of Commissioning, at Sky Studios, says: "If Dallas and Pulp Fiction created a love child to the strains of Duran Duran, it would be A Town Called Malice, an intoxicating cocktail of 1980s romance, avarice and violence, served up with pineapple chunks and an umbrella. Brought to life so brilliantly by Nick Love’s scripts, audiences will be taken back to the vivid world of the Costa Del Sol in its pomp, with a glorious take on the soundtrack of the era."

A Town Called Malice release date 

A Town Like Malice will be aired on Sky Max and Now in the UK late next year, so make sure you grab your legwarmers and a pina colada and enjoy the 1980s ride! We will update with news on an international release date in due course.

A Town Called Malice plot 

In A Town Called Malice, The Lords are definitely past their criminal heydays but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel nostalgic for their glory years. Gene Lord, the youngest of the clan, in particular feels he’s overlooked and neglected by his family who fail to recognise his intelligence and killer instincts. After narrowly surviving a gangland battle, Gene and his formidable girlfriend Cindy flee to Spain to evade arrest and find themselves embroiled in the local underworld, desperately trying to avoid trouble. Things heat up even further when the rest of the Lords join them on the Costa del Sol and try to reclaim their halcyon day as criminal top dogs. However, this does not go down well with Gene and Cindy, who have a very different plan...  

A Town Called Malice cast 

Details of the A Town Called Malice cast haven’t been announced yet but filming is set to begin later this year across London and Spain. Watch this space and we’ll update it as soon there’s any word on the series’ stars from Sky.  

A Town Called Malice creator Nick Love

Nick Love is best known as the creator of the 2004 movie The Football Factory which starred current EastEnders favorite Danny Dyer. The film was about a bored Chelsea football hooligan. 

Other Nick Love films have included The Business (also with Danny Dyer) and Goodbye Charlie Bright (Paul Nicholls, Danny Dyer, Nicola Stapleton). Love also wrote and directed the 2012 version of The Sweeney, which starred Ray Winstone, Plan B and Hayley Atwell. 

Nick is also known for American Hero and the TV series Bulletproof, with Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters. 

"I’m over excited and hugely grateful to Sky for supporting my vision once again," says Nick Love. "I've lived and breathed Malice for the past few years, and for it finally to come to fruition, is a dream come true."

All about The Jam's hit song A Town Called Malice

A Town Called Malice takes its name from the famous song by the Jam, which became No1 in Britain in February 1982 and stayed there for three weeks. A Town Called Malice was the only Jam song to chart in the US where it reached No 31 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in 1982.

The title was a play on the name of the 1950 Nevil Shute novel A Town Like Alice, although singer-songwriter Paul Weller said he hadn’t read it at the time. He wrote the lyrics about his hometown of Woking and is still regarded as a classic. Take a look at The Jame singing A Town Like Malice below...

Is there an A Town Called Malice trailer?

With casting not yet complete on A Town Called Malice and filming yet to start, it's way too early to expect a trailer from Sky. We will update however as soon as we can.