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‘Free Guy’: Release date, review and everything you need to know about the Ryan Reynolds movie

Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy.
(Image credit: 20th Century Studios)

Free Guy, the 20th Century Studios (formerly 20th Century Fox before the Disney acquisition) film starring Ryan Reynolds is just about ready to make its way to theaters as the latest in the 2021 summer blockbuster season.

What can we expect from the Deadpool actor’s latest movie? Here’s everything we know about Free Guy.

What is the plot of ‘Free Guy’?

While not being based on any pre-existing game, Free Guy is firmly set in the world of video games. The story follows Guy, who nonchalantly goes about his life amid the destruction and crime all around him until he realizes that he is an NPC (non-player character) in an massive, open world video game.

Guy soon meets a player who reveals to him that the game is going to be shut down unless they do something. Using a pair of sunglasses that allows him to see what the players see, Guy begins to take control of his own destiny as he tries to save the only world he has ever known.

Who is in the ‘Free Guy’ cast?

Ryan Reynolds stars in Free Guy as the NPC Guy. Reynolds is best known for his role as Deadpool, the wise-cracking MCU adjacent superhero. While Guy appears more wholesome than Deadpool, the role looks to let Reynolds’ comedic sensibilities fly.

Alongside Reynolds is Jodie Comer as Millie/Molotov Girl, the player who attempts to help Guy save the game. Comer’s most famous role to date has been on the show Killing Eve, but she is set for a breakout year on the big screen with Free Guy and The Last Duel.

Others in the cast include Thor: Ragnarok director and actor Taika Waititi as Antoine; Lil Rel Howery as Buddy; Utkarsh as Ambudkar as Mouser; and Joe Keery as Keys.

When is the ‘Free Guy’ release date?

Free Guy was one of the many films that was originally set to premiere in 2020 before everything shut down. Opting to delay rather than make a streaming debut (while ultimately owned by Disney, the fact that Free Guy is a 20th Century Studios film likely had an impact on this), Free Guy is finally getting its release on Aug. 13.

Free Guy will also be exclusively shown in theaters when it is released, unlike Warner Bros. and some other Disney movies that have gone with a day-and-date streaming release alongside theatrical. Free Guy will almost certainly make its way to streaming at some point, but when that will be is TBD.

Are there ‘Free Guys’ reviews?

Reviews for Free Guy have started to trickle in, and early response is pretty strong. It’s sitting at an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 63 on Metacritic as of Aug. 5.

What to Watch’s Amelia Emberwing called Free Guy a “kind, funny, delight of a film” and praised it as a surprisingly heartfelt story. Read the full review here.

‘Free Guy’ trailer

Again, because Free Guy was originally slated for a 2020 release, there’s been trailers for it for quite some time (think the first one debuted during Super Bowl LIV in February 2020). Each trailer has given us a little more of the world of Free Guy, but there still seems like there’s plenty to explore.

Here’s one of the trailers for Free Guy for your enjoyment.

Michael Balderston

Michael Balderston is a D.C.-based entertainment writer and content producer for What to Watch. He previously has written for TV Technology and Awards Circuit.